Must-visit water parks

From 1,000ft falls to 360-degree spirals and more, these water parks and their rides are fun for the entire family

If slipping and sliding down monstrous slides is your thing, then this guide is sure to catch your fancy. Here’s list of the water parks across the globe that deserve a visit.

What: Wet‘n’Wild Water World
Where: Australia
Why: Situated on Australia’s picturesque Gold Coast, this water park provides fun and excitement for the entire family. A member of the Village Roadshow Theme Parks,  Wet‘n’Wild Water World has been constantly reinventing itself, adding more rides and modifying others, ever since its inception in 1984. While the younger members of the family can battle imaginary pirates and frolic at Buccaneer Bay—the multi-level water playground—the more adventurous ones can venture into the Extreme H20 Zone. Get propelled forwards and backwards at speeds of 50km/hr on a hair-raising U-shaped waterslide aptly named Kamikaze or slide down the Blackhole, battling unexpected twists and turns, all in complete darkness.
Top draw: Reaching speeds of 30km/hr through 360-degree coils, the Constrictor is sure to have you coming back for more.
Wet'n'Wild Water World, Pacific Highway Oxenford, Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia (+61 7 5556 1660; Tickets from Rs 3,113

What: Schlitterbahn New Braunfels Waterpark
Where: USA
Why: Voted as the World’s Best Waterpark for 15 consecutive years by Amusement Today, Schlitterbahn is definitely worth visiting. Using spring-fed water from the Comal River, most of the rides are sans chlorine and thus cause no harm to the eyes or the skin. One such ride is the Congo River Expedition that has you floating down a river to encounter animatronic creatures while manoeuvring a 25ft-long waterfall and escaping a mine on the verge of caving in. If you’re looking for more thrills, the award-winning Master Blaster Uphill Water Coaster should suffice. The ride uses jets of water to propel riders uphill then downhill into a meandering goose bump-inducing tunnel. If you’re done with all the action, head to the Lagoon Heated Pool & Swim Up Bar or take the kids to Schatze’s Central Park for some fun.
Top draw: Touted as the world’s longest water park ride, The Falls is a 3,600ft behemoth with rapids, waterfalls and waves. 
Schlitterbahn New Braunfels Waterpark, 400 N. Liberty Avenue, New Braunfels, TX, USA (+1 830 625 2351; Tickets from Rs 2,436

Sleeping Beauty Castle (Fantasyland)
October 12, 1991:

Sleeping Beauty Castle makes its debut.
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Yahoo Lifestyle | Photo by © DISNEY / AFP
Mon 26 Mar, 2012 2:30 PM IST

What: Siam Park
Where: Spain
Why: Located on the beautiful Canary Islands, Siam Park is relatively new, opening in 2008. The rides here include key design elements of the kingdom of Thailand. With various attractions, restaurants, a bar, a shopping zone and its very own beach, Siam is the complete package. Ever wonder what it would feel like to plummet down a giant cone while staring into the eyes of a ravenous dragon? Well, this water park lets you experience just that amongst other rides such as The Tower of Power—that sends you down a 90ft  slide—and The Volcano—that lets you slip and slide down a beautifully crafted crater.
Top draw: Sawasdee, a children’s zone created in the form of a water jungle, is good enough for hours of excitement and fun with its two slides built for racing. 
Calle Finlandia, 0 S/N 38660 Costa Adeje-San Eugenio, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain (+34 902 060 000; Tickets from Rs 2,226

What: Waterworld Themed Waterpark
Where: Cyprus
Why: With every attraction named after an ancient Greek character and the park outlined with towering pillars and pearl white structures, the Waterworld Themed Waterpark in Cyprus takes you back in time while providing hours of fun in the process. Begin at Poseidon’s Wave Pool amongst ancient ruins and unpredictable geysers. Follow that with the Fall of Icarus—where you go through a series of drops and climbs, coupled with a few bumps until you plunge into a refreshing pool—and end at Aphrodite’s Bath where you can rest on a refreshing bubble bench. This water park also has a wide variety of food and beverage options, and everything from fast food to crepes are available after a thrilling day that’s bound to leave you famished.
Top Draw: Inspired by the mighty Greek God Zeus, Thunderbolt and Lightning is a specially designed 60ft long slide for children that offers thrilling twists and turns.     
Waterworld Themed Waterpark, 18 Ayia Thekla Road, 5345, Ayia Napa-Cyprus (+357 23 724444; Tickets from Rs 1,350

What: Chimelong Water Park
Where: China
Why: Currently the largest water park in the world, the Chimelong Water Park opened in June 2007 and has some of the best attractions and water slides this side of the hemisphere. With the world’s longest lazy river and award-winning rides that constantly compete to outdo the other in terms of sheer height, this park is designed for the daredevil in you. The Behemoth Bowl, which starts at a height of 65ft, sends you reeling into an enormous bowl. If that doesn’t leave you panting, then get onto the Jet Slide and whizz down this almost 1,000ft slide propelled by an electromagnetic water jet.
Top draw: A version for kids called the Mini-Tornado allows parents to accompany their children in a safe, friendly 26ft ride.
Chimelong Water Park, Yingbin Lu, Panyu District, Guangzhou, China (+86 400 883 0083; Tickets from Rs 738

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