Mother’s Corner: The roller coaster ride of motherhood

Another delightful story in our special series on motherhood. The oldest profession known to mankind — motherhood — is a truly enjoyable one, says Vani Mahesh, a mother to two beautiful daughters, aged 13 and 6.

Raise a toast to the oldest profession — motherhood!

Everyone knows that motherhood is the oldest profession, yet, we all think it is a novel venture the first time around. I did too, and I geared up for this new profession by reading up diligently on pregnancy and motherhood: books, hospital newsletters, moms-to-be bulletin boards and the works. I was sure and ready to apply my superior mothering techniques.

I can imagine some of you experienced souls laughing now. Is there anything like being ready for the roller coaster ride of motherhood? Nothing goes by the book. The only thing that helped me was having my mother by my side. But all too soon, it was time for her to leave after the initial months. What was I going to do with this little bundle? I now had to learn on the job. I continued reading and googling and fretting that the little one was not meeting one or the other milestone. I read up more and more to figure out how to make her achieve those in a jiffy. But she did things at her own pace — without a care for her mother’s useless anxiety.

Mother's Corner: Vani MaheshMother's Corner: Vani Mahesh

In the middle of my trial and errors, the little bundle grew out of being a bundle and was now a girl who actually made sense when she talked! And, she spoilt me rotten – she ate what I gave her, wore what I put on her, and played with toys I bought for her. I marvelled often how wonderful it would be to be like her go­-easy self. She was non-confrontational and logical even at three. She started school and embraced the drill with élan. I can have even ten kids like her, I thought fondly.

She never threw tantrums as I already said. But out of the blue came an unmovable and unshakable demand – she wanted a sibling. She was six, and she was firm. But that was fine, I could have ten children like her you see? So we had our second girl. Wait a minute, what just happened? The new edition was no less than hurricane Katrina. She came up with new demands every hour which had to be met – Capisce!

She was different but then again it was refreshing to have two of two different kinds. She was naughty and stubborn. But she was also an astute observer and uncannily witty. She actually came up with a reason a day for skipping school. But I admired her ease with the world and her go getter spirit. I changed along the way. I was a lot more easy-going now and didn’t harp on propriety at all times. I let her wear her torn pants and drink her milk before brushing. I knew from firsthand experience, that no phase lasts forever.

Today when I look at my older one towering over me at thirteen and the younger one standing cockily all of six, I wonder if I brought them up more or they grew me up more. I wish for my older one’s peace and calm and for my younger one’s presence of mind. I certainly find it more interesting to view the world from their fresh perspective than through my own. Probably, motherhood is the only profession which one enjoys in entirety.

Written by Vani Mahesh, founder of, the online library.

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