Monthly Predictions September 2012 for all the signs

Positive energy and optimism looks set to be the theme of this month. Moreover, matters like reincarnation, occult science and mysticism may grab your attention. You may study and gather information about such matters, and as a result your understanding about life and paranormal may get enhanced. Maintain your energy and vigour, in order to avoid nagging health issues and seasonal ailments, advises Ganesha. Aim to nourish your body as well as mind with good diet, a good lifestyle and rejuvenating and refreshing pastimes/ hobbies. Cut down on alcohol consumption. As for your love life, Ganesha says that it may be a lot smoother. You may share a higher level of understanding with your spouse/lover. Singles, though, may not be as fortunate. For, their encounters with the opposite sex may fail to yield any heart-warming result. The dates to watch out for important tasks are 3, 12, 13, 21, 22.

For the most part of the month, you may come across exciting, entertaining and pleasing times. Enjoy! However, towards the end of the month, you may need to shift your focus towards your health, work and other vital issues. All that aside, home and family will remain pivotal all throughout the month. Ganesha foresees you initiating a home decoration/ renovation project. It is also a good time to smooth out some ruffled feathers, and sort out a few nagging family issues. You don't have to create dramatic scenes or ask for forgiveness with tears in your eyes; just bury the hatchet and let the peace prevail! Your love life may continue to be marked by furious arguments. Yet, ensure that you do not make the situation worse by being adamant at all times. The dates to watch out this month are 6, 14, 15, 23, 24.
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