Monthly Predictions May 2012 for all the signs


You will have to give priority to domestic matters this month, which means you will have to put professional issues on hold. Don't expect any dramatic changes. Your life will flow smoothly, health and finances will not pose any problem and your mind will be at peace. In the latter part of the month, though, with some planets going retrograde, things may slow down. And, you may even see a negative impact on your job and love life, but not on finances. Ganesha assures you that it is going to be nothing serious. However, you must avoid taking important decisions during this time. You may also be in a double mind about your love relationships. Take the down time as the breather that may actually reinforce your bonding. Steer clear of speculation. Rather, take to spirituality to calm down. The important dates this month are 7, 8, 16, 17, 26, 27.

A mixed bag of fortune awaits you. There will be a strange amalgamation of independence and dependence in you. You are likely to kick-start new ventures confidently, but will soon tend to develop cold feet, and will have to turn to others for assistance. Ganesha says this is the best time for introspection and planning, not action, so that you can make your moves when the time is right. You may feel that you are out of luck in your love life too, as the recent misgivings in your relationship may aggravate. Instead of playing the blame game, Ganesha advises you to show some maturity and take it upon yourself to iron out the wrinkles. The second week of the month will be good for you financially, so you may pay off your loans, if any. The dates to watch out for any important tasks this month are 2, 10, 19, 20, 28.


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