Monthly Predictions January 2013 for all the signs

From career to health and relationships, Astrology can tell a lot about your life. Know what's in store for you this month!

The year for you will begin on a positive note and you shall be busy in work related activities. Some health issues may crop up in the first week of January. First half of January looks favourable for those looking for a job. Moreover, business too will flourish during this phase. However, second half of the month may not be that rosy and delays in work may make you feel frustrated. As far as finances are concerned, it will be a trouble free month. As this month you will be engrossed in work related activities, you may ignore your personal life. Some of your friendships may turn sour due to this. During the first ten days of January, you may receive some bad news involving your friend or relative. You should depend on your own intuition to guide you in difficult situations, and you should mind your own business, and refrain in giving advice to others.

January is going to be mixed bag of challenges and opportunities for you. You should be alert about business partnerships or joint finances. You should also make sure that you don't put yourself in a conflict with people in authority. Finances will also be a concern, especially during the first week. Opportunities will be for those of you  who are in a creative field. Last week of January will be favourable yet busy period on the work front. On the personal front, love life may seem to be dull and unexciting during the beginning of the month. For those of you married, second week of January may bring tough times in your marital life. In the third week of January, you shall be more spontaneous and communicative. However, avoid being judgemental about others. The last week of January is likely to be a stressful period for you. You should make your mind tough for facing these challenges.

During the first week of January, communication at all levels shall remain in focus. You will be motivated to give your best in whatever you attempt and you shall be successful. This momentum shall be carried in the second week too and you should grab the opportunities arising. However, in the third week of January, you should be prepared for some stand-by inaction as Jupiter becomes retrograde. You should not take any important decisions in this period. Financially, this month will be average. For singles, there are ample possibilities this month, especially during the first week. You may be lost in your own sweet world but don't forget to use your skills of communication. During the last week of January, you may be more intuitive than ever. However, while using your intuition and sixth sense, you may become confused in differentiating between right and wrong. Questions of ethics and righteousness may bog you down.

This month's predictions begin with an advice, especially for students and those in the field of banking and education. Don't be distracted and stay focussed. First week of January may turn out to be challenging for those in business. Things would however be better from the second week and your communication skills will come to your rescue. For the professionals, January will be an average month, specifically on the career front. During the third week, you need to be careful, as your confidence will be an all time low. The last week of January will also be full of challenges, so you need to be patient. Financially too, this month will be average. Singles may meet someone special during the second week of January. You should be careful about your health. All in all, you should remember that tough times don't last, but tough people do.


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