Monthly Predictions February 2013 for all the signs

The times may be challenging. There may be fluctuations in your fortunes, leaving you slightly distraught. There is a piece of advice from Ganesha, don't try to accomplish your goals all by yourself; delegate or garner the support from others. Professionally too, the things may not appear great. You may feel tired and lazy, a feeling that may also have to do with your emotional well being. Here, you would need the support of your loved ones, especially if you look to keep your schedule on the dot. Things on the domestic front would be smooth, though. Travel is on the cards, both inland and foreign. However, it would be the foreign travels that shall fetch you maximum gains. Health may bother you this month. In order to maintain a good health, shun stress and take up yoga or meditation.

It's a good time for the Taurus. Luck shines on the business and professional fronts. Pleased with your performance, your bosses may appreciate you or even promote you. You also look set to gain from partnership business. Make optimum use of such favourable planetary positions, and promote your business more aggressively. The times are also conducive for clearing all your business debts. Those looking for a job are likely to taste success. However, things may not be that rosy on the domestic front for you. Your rapport with your spouse may remain fragile. The best way, advises Ganesha, is to avoid confrontations and keep a cool head. Time shall turn out to be the best healer, if things don't turn out your way. Although you will be busy in social activities, it would also be important to spend more time with family.

Business matters may keep you engrossed this month. You shall also concentrate on expanding and diversifying your business; luck will favour you on this accord. However, if you are a working professional, things may be slightly different. Instead of vying for that coveted promotion, concentrate now on being more consistent in your work. You should try to improve your performance and be more inventive. If you are eyeing that government tender or a new job, things may work out in your favour. On the personal front too, there is a good news. Your rapport with your spouse will be excellent, and the ones waiting to get hitched may hear the wedding bells. However, you need to give up your habit of worrying too much. It stifles your progress, reminds Ganesha. Your hard work will bring you great rewards.


Compassionate and loving, you will enamour one and all with your charm, this month. There would be depressing moments, though. It would be in your best interest to stay positive, says Ganesha. Also, understand that you cannot please everyone in this world. Learn to avoid over-exerting yourself in fulfilling the expectations of others. Plus, in order to achieve your goals, you will have to be strict with people. Do not let your emotions get in your way! The month is not going to be a cakewalk, but you will still manage well. If planning to sign a new deal, you are advised to postpone it. Or, at least read the documents very carefully, before signing. Good news is that the time is conducive time for romance. A long distance journey is on the cards too. Students may face a challenging time, for they may find it hard to concentrate.


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