Monthly Predictions: July 2012

Making haste and rushing through things can be disastrous, especially now. The trick is to
remain calm, steady and patient; these attributes will help you sail through the month.
Ganesha cautions you to be careful, avoid fights and arguments with friends and be on guard
while handling sharp objects, driving or pushing your physical limits. If you injure yourself, it
may take long to heal. Take breaks, enjoy and relax and as the month progresses, you will
see things getting better. By the end of this month, you shall definitely feel blessed. The
happy feeling of deep contentment and mental peace shall urge you to appreciate the finer
things in life. With great financial opportunities around the corner and also loads of love from
family and friends, you shall have no reason to complain. Meeting your true love is also a
possibility, so be ready for an interesting encounter at places like the library, at lectures or in
your school. The dates to watch out for any important tasks this month are 5, 6, 15, 24, 29.

Your focus shall shift from the professional front now, and gradually your family and social
circle shall take the centre stage. This month , it's pay back time. So, while you shall reap the
rewards for your good karma, you must also be well prepared for the consequences of any
previous wrong doings. It's also a good time to mend your ways, and prepare for the future.
Network and build new relations, socialise and try to be in the good books of the people who
matter. Ganesha advises you to drive safely, and avoid any fights or arguments with peers. At
any point, do not let negativity creep in, think positive and focus on staying mentally fit and
healthy. Health shall be good. However, it would be in your best interests to take care of your
heart, lungs and shoulders. Yoga and meditation can be great for your overall well-being. The dates to watch out for any important tasks this month are 3, 9, 22, 24, 28.

Love is in the air! The spotlight shall be firmly placed on your love life at this moment.
Whether it's about building new relations, working on existing ones or moving out of a
relationship, be rest assured that the results shall be desirable. Singles will manage to look
exceptionally attractive, which shall help them grab the necessary eyeballs. The time is good
for serious as well as fleeting romances. Couples, too shall enjoy increased intimacy. Family
life, too, looks set to be calm. Finances may take a back-seat, yet you will have enough to
serve your purpose. You might face difficulties on the work front, though; you may not get
what you actually deserve. Hang on, as good times are round the corner, says Ganesha. Destress
and stay healthy with meditation and yoga. The dates to watch out for any important
tasks this month are 5, 6, 15, 17, 25.

This month shall bring in the much sought after relief for you on the health and fitness front.
It's also a time time to concentrate on your personal relations with loved ones and/ or family.
Attain balance, and divide your time wisely between your family and partner. On the career
front, your progress may be thwarted, but have a heart, as this shall only be a passing phase.
A few financial problems too may be in store, but this too shall be short lived. By the end of
this month, things shall take a course for better. You will experience financial benefits, and
prosperity shall get a boost. However, be cautious while communicating your ideas. Do not
rely too much on others, and refrain from acting impulsively. Otherwise, a misunderstanding,
a communication error or a misread signal may land you in a soup. Avoid making crucial
commitments or signing legal contracts. The important dates this month shall be 5, 7, 15, 24,

The month of July shall catalyse your spiritual connection with your soul, and lead you
towards celestial upliftment. Make the best use of this month, and with the blessings of
Ganesha you will see your hard work bear sweet fruits. It's a time when your dreams will
come true, so grab any opportunities that are lurking around. However, it's also a time for self
realisation and self assessment. Progress and growth shall follow, once these areas are
sorted. Make important purchases and investments before the 15th of the month, though, as
financial progress may slow down later this month. You may even face problems getting along
with your spouse or a loved one. Pay some extra attention to the home front, and handle
emotional outbursts wisely. Overall, it is a blessed month that will keep you in good health
and empower you to overcome any problems that might crop up. The important dates this
month shall be 5, 9, 24, 28, 29.

Ganesha advises you to refrain from indulging in any thoughtless or risky acts. Stay safe.
Dangerous or reckless is not for you, especially now! At work, there may be
misunderstandings and sudden confusions. Try to communicate as clearly as possible; stay
alert. In spite of all the odds, your career will receive a major boost. Authority figures shall
support you, and so shall your loved ones and family. Reaching your goals won't be a difficult
proposition now. Financial and monetary benefits in the form of a pay rise may also come
your way. If you have been looking to get a loan, this is a good time; don't abuse this
opportunity, though. Your own happiness quotient and independence will get propelled higher,
and that's a great thing, says Ganesha. Your parents or parent figures may need attention
and care. Be focused. The important dates this month shall be 6, 12, 15, 25, 29.

This month brings in loads of blessings and a good fortune for you – how to get the best out
of it remains in your hands, though, tips Ganesha. It is a marvellous time for students or ones
pursuing higher studies; be ready for better opportunities, great results and a plenty of happy
travel. For others, this is a time for spiritual growth, personal development and appreciating
the good things life has bestowed on you. This feeling of satisfaction shall keep you happy,
and help you cultivate a more positive attitude towards life. If there are any health issues
bothering you currently, remain optimistic and turn to spiritual and alternative ways of
healing. Be ready to experience an all time high on the professional front, though. Your
creative inputs and extra efforts at work will be recognised and awarded. On the other hand,
all may not be rosy in the love domain. Avoid confrontations, and try and be flexible to avoid
hurt and irreversible damage to your relationships. This situation may improve as the month
ends. The dates to watch out this month are 6, 15, 16, 24, 25.

Things may be moving rather slowly for you right now, and it can lead to frustration. Pending
work and approaching deadlines might wreck havoc. Being calm and working on minute
detailing shall be just the right thing to do. Be focused on quality output and perfection to
avoid problems. In fact, you may also be teaching the same lesson to your loved ones. Note
that this is the yearly peak time for your career, and the problems of any magnitude shall not
be able to deter you from your goals. Consider this as a blessing, because the work will keep
you occupied and you will not have time to waste on trivial yet nagging family matters. With
time and patience, and some due tenderness, they shall improve on their own. The last week
of the month may not be very benign for your health. Take care! Learn to manage your time
well, and concentrate on your health and fitness from the word go. Meditation and yoga can
be the best resorts for physical as well as mental well-being, points Ganesha. The dates to
watch out for important tasks are 7, 18, 20, 24, 28.

You are yearning for activity, and shall want things to move faster; life, however, may seem to
be taking its own lethargic course. The best policy will be to go with the flow, tips Ganesha.
Make the most of this sluggish phase by taking time to introspect and ideate. Work towards
streamlining your efforts, and bringing about a change in myriad areas of your life. Be very
clear with any sort of communication, as chances of your thoughts getting misinterpreted are
high. Keep your communication simple and straight forward. Avoid signing contracts or
making major purchases and investments now; also check and cross check documents, if you
need to strike a deal. Misunderstandings may also crop up in the love and domestic domain
and even in friendships. Avoid taking any major decisions pertaining to relationships or love.
Strive to gain clarity in everything, before taking any step this month. The important dates this
month are 1, 2, 9, 21, 29.

The first 15 days of the month are the best for purchasing health related equipment and
working towards the betterment of your overall health. You shall be working your way towards
fitness, especially in the wake of a recent health scare. Later this month, however, refrain
from buying any such equipments/ gadgets. Any diagnosis made during this period too may
not be reliable. Spirituality and spiritual healing may interest you, and shall make you feel
good. Career may zoom into the line of focus, given the freer mind space you are likely to
enjoy now; you will gradually progress towards achieving your goals. The progression,
however, shall not be devoid of struggle. Hard work and competition may affect you
momentarily, but it'll be worth the trouble. You'll overcome such challenges, thanks to the
support of your family. Your relationships and love life will get better, but it might prove to be a
testing time for your parents' marriage. The dates to watch out for any important tasks this
month are 5, 6, 15, 24, 28.

This month demands a lot of patience and perseverance on your part, as the times are hard
and you may face more hurdles than you can handle. At least, it will seem so. However,
things shall improve, and by the end of the month you would have had a plenty of great time;
attending parties and socialising too is in store for you. Your love life is also at an yearly peak,
but take care of your partners untimely outbursts and handle them maturely. Also, work to
rejuvenate and revitalise yourself, as you would need them during the last lap of July. You can
go after your goals and work hard to achieve them. Your mind is sharper at this stage and will
help you achieve what you strive for. Financial position will be progressive; but demands
attention as you might not be so lucky and lose more than you gain. The dates to watch out
for any important tasks this month are 5, 6, 15, 24, 26.

You will overcome the temporary phase of gloom with the pleasure peak period from June
extending to this month. You will have to be careful though, as you might be adversely
affected on a spiritual, personal as well as on a professional level. Do not rely on intuitions
and dreams, as you are likely to misinterpret them now. Refrain from making any hasty
decisions, lest you wish to regret later. Your love life may not pick up momentum, and it may
be a dull phase for you. Misunderstandings with your beloved are likely to arise, so keep a
check on what you say now. Avoid discussing important issues with your partner, even while
he/she is going through a bad phase. Clarity while communicating and taking care while
handling sensitive issues will spare you the troubles later. The dates to watch out for any
important tasks this month are 6, 11, 24, 25, 29.

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