Monthly Predictions: July 2012

The month of July shall catalyse your spiritual connection with your soul, and lead you
towards celestial upliftment. Make the best use of this month, and with the blessings of
Ganesha you will see your hard work bear sweet fruits. It's a time when your dreams will
come true, so grab any opportunities that are lurking around. However, it's also a time for self
realisation and self assessment. Progress and growth shall follow, once these areas are
sorted. Make important purchases and investments before the 15th of the month, though, as
financial progress may slow down later this month. You may even face problems getting along
with your spouse or a loved one. Pay some extra attention to the home front, and handle
emotional outbursts wisely. Overall, it is a blessed month that will keep you in good health
and empower you to overcome any problems that might crop up. The important dates this
month shall be 5, 9, 24, 28, 29.

Ganesha advises you to refrain from indulging in any thoughtless or risky acts. Stay safe.
Dangerous or reckless is not for you, especially now! At work, there may be
misunderstandings and sudden confusions. Try to communicate as clearly as possible; stay
alert. In spite of all the odds, your career will receive a major boost. Authority figures shall
support you, and so shall your loved ones and family. Reaching your goals won't be a difficult
proposition now. Financial and monetary benefits in the form of a pay rise may also come
your way. If you have been looking to get a loan, this is a good time; don't abuse this
opportunity, though. Your own happiness quotient and independence will get propelled higher,
and that's a great thing, says Ganesha. Your parents or parent figures may need attention
and care. Be focused. The important dates this month shall be 6, 12, 15, 25, 29.


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