Monthly Predictions: July 2012

Making haste and rushing through things can be disastrous, especially now. The trick is to
remain calm, steady and patient; these attributes will help you sail through the month.
Ganesha cautions you to be careful, avoid fights and arguments with friends and be on guard
while handling sharp objects, driving or pushing your physical limits. If you injure yourself, it
may take long to heal. Take breaks, enjoy and relax and as the month progresses, you will
see things getting better. By the end of this month, you shall definitely feel blessed. The
happy feeling of deep contentment and mental peace shall urge you to appreciate the finer
things in life. With great financial opportunities around the corner and also loads of love from
family and friends, you shall have no reason to complain. Meeting your true love is also a
possibility, so be ready for an interesting encounter at places like the library, at lectures or in
your school. The dates to watch out for any important tasks this month are 5, 6, 15, 24, 29.

Your focus shall shift from the professional front now, and gradually your family and social
circle shall take the centre stage. This month , it's pay back time. So, while you shall reap the
rewards for your good karma, you must also be well prepared for the consequences of any
previous wrong doings. It's also a good time to mend your ways, and prepare for the future.
Network and build new relations, socialise and try to be in the good books of the people who
matter. Ganesha advises you to drive safely, and avoid any fights or arguments with peers. At
any point, do not let negativity creep in, think positive and focus on staying mentally fit and
healthy. Health shall be good. However, it would be in your best interests to take care of your
heart, lungs and shoulders. Yoga and meditation can be great for your overall well-being. The dates to watch out for any important tasks this month are 3, 9, 22, 24, 28.


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