Max Factor Sign Makeup Artist Mel Arter As A Brand Ambassador

Max Factor Sign Makeup Artist Mel Arter As A Brand Ambassador

Mel Arter

It’s an exciting afternoon here at Grazia Daily HQ. Not only did we announce that ck one colour launches today, but we also want to break it to you that leading makeup artist and Grazia regular, Mel Arter, has just been signed to Max Factor. Whoop whoop, go Mel! She’ll join two other legendary makeup maestros, Pat McGrath and Caroline Barnes, as part of the brand’s ambassador line and we have to say, we’re really rather proud! Not only does Miss Arter create some of the best beauty looks around but she also regularly contributes her work to the Grazia Beauty pages. She's a wealth of knowledge on the beauty front and we couldn't be happier - our favourite makeup artist and a best-selling beauty brand, what could be better?!

In fact, we spoke to Mel earlier about the exciting snippet of news and she told us, "I am so thrilled to be working with Max Factor. They are such an iconic brand and it's going to be a very exciting chapter in my career. I always liked and respected the brand because they have so much history. It is quite unique in that aspect. To this day they produce innovative and dynamic products." Too true, we agree with you there. "As a teen it was the first brand I was exposed to,", Mel said, " and from that first experience I've continued to use 2000 Calorie Mascara. To tell the truth, it's the one product I just cannot live without it."

Check out this uber-cool Max Factor video to see Mel in action...

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