Mandira Bedi: Body and Baby

Mandira Bedi is many things to many people. She's an actor, television host, sports commentator, wife, daughter and now, mother to baby Vir.

Bright and energetic, she's known for her fit frame and perky personality. Dressed in skinny jeans and a bright green tee at her Bandra home, Mandira radiates the healthy glow of a new mom. Her hair is glossy and her slender body is in perfect shape. All in just seven months post delivery! Has she lost all the baby weight, we ask curiously.

"It's about being fit and healthy and not just about losing weight to fit into a stereotype," she says, smiling at the question she seems to encounter often. "The body responds differently in different situations, especially after a life-(and physiology) altering experience like pregnancy," she adds.

Despite her controlled diet and dedication to fitness during the nine months of pregnancy, Mandira gained 22 kg. "Can you believe it?" she squeals, eyes wide open.

To lose it all must have taken some determination and to retain the ideal weight, a great amount of resolve.


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