The Love Story of Gautami and Ram Kapoor

She is svelte and demure, he is handsome and untamed; she has a prudish personality, he is a vivacious casanova; while she is a health freak, he is a gourmand and barely conscious of his own well-being or looks. And yet amidst these stark differences what lies common between these two actors of Indian television is the unflinching, undaunted love that nestles in each other’s heart.

Gautami Gadgil, who stepped in the cosmos of Indian television at the vulnerable age of 16, went on to rise to great heights with her inherent acting skills. On the other hand, Ram Kapoor captured many a girl’s hearts only to break them when he fell head-over-heels in love with his co-star Gautami. And, then there was no looking back.

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How did love happen?

Television was the breeding ground for developing love between Ram and Gautami. The two first met on the sets of what went on to become one of the most renowned serials of that time- Ghar Ek Mandir. Gautami played the role of Ram’s bhabhi or sister-in-law, who in a reversal of fortune becomes his wife. The chemistry which the two shared in reel-life captured the hearts of audiences and they longed to see this pair together in real life too.

But it was not that easy. In fact, Ram and Gautami were poles apart when it came to their basic personalities. While Ram described her as “Miss goody-two-shoes” who always kept up a reserved aura, he himself was of amorous nature. On the other hand, Ram was known to be a kind of playboy who loved ‘women who partied and drank’, and certainly Gautami was not his ‘type’. However, as the cliché goes – opposites attract; soon Ram and Gautami developed a great camaraderie. It was not long before they realised that they were made for each other.

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Tying the knot on Valentine's Day

True to their mushy romance, the couple exchanged vows on none other than the 14th february in the year 2003. The decision was the Gautami’s, who sees this day as a special one to express and reciprocate your feelings for the love of your life. There was initially some protest form their families but they managed to convince them. The couple tied the knot in the conventional Arya Samaj way although Gautami is a Maharashtrian and Ram a Punjabi. They got married at the Mayfair rooms in Mumbai and celebrated their honeymoon in Casa Moi, a small island near Bangkok.

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Their Relationship

It has been almost a decade since this wonderful couple had been declared man and wife. Their love doubled after they were blessed with a beautiful baby girl, Sia. While Gautami has taken a break post-pregnancy and is happy to play a mother, Ram continues to shoot up the ladder of success with serials like Kasam Se and Bade Acche Lagte Hain.

Gautami does not hesitate to confess that Ram is the best thing that has ever happened in her life, Ram too proudly confesses that his better half is his lucky charm. The couple believes that the affection, trust, compassion, romance and respect that they share is responsible for keeping the flame of love burning. 

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