Vidya Balan keeps it simple and sweet!

After being pulled up for back to back fashion goof ups, the diva finally gets it right! Take a look at her all new stunning look. Video

Vidya Ethinic Yet BoldVidya Balan we know steals the show with her omph factor. Her fashion sense indeed grabs our eyeballs.

Whether you are a soon-to-be-bride or a newlywed, you need to look your best at all times. But, you cannot apply makeup all the time. It looks unnatural and also exposes your skin to certain chemical ingredients, which can eventually hurt your skin's texture. If you have a great skin and natural glow, it is possible to look beautiful even if you are wearing no or minimal makeup. However, to look gorgeous without makeup, one needs to adhere to certain rules and live a systematic lifestyle. Here are some tips that can make you look gorgeous without applying layers of makeup.
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Drink sufficient water

Drinking sufficient amount of water will work wonders for your skin. Water infuses the much needed elasticity into your skin, and makes it appear well-hydrated. If you drink 7 to 8 glasses of water every day, you will soon find a unique radiant glow lingering on your skin.

Proper skin cleansing regimen

If you want to look gorgeous naturally, you will have to take care of your skin. You have to make sure that your skin is clean and free from blemishes. Follow a cleansing regimen twice a day. Make 'CTM' (cleansing, toning, and moisturising) as your skin care mantra. All you need is, an appropriate skin cleanser, moisturiser, and toner, all of which would keep your skin cleansed and healthy throughout the day. Apart from this, exfoliate your skin thrice a week to remove dead skin cells off.

Take care of your hair

Lustrous locks add to your beauty. Ensure that your hair does not become greasy. Use the right shampoo and conditioner for your hair. Try hair spa and oil turban therapy treatments to enhance the sheen and smoothness of your hair. Also, use natural products to protect your scalp against problems like hair fall, breakage, spilt-ends, and scalp infections, etc.

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Stop touching your face

Keep your hands away from your face, especially when you are outdoors. Do not prick those pimples, unless you want them to leave behind an ugly mark on your face. Do not rub your eyes constantly because that pulls and effects the sensitive skin around your eyes, leading to wrinkles. Remember, your facial skin is very delicate, so keep those dirty hands away from it!

Pay attention to smaller details

Beautiful eyes play a significant part in overall appeal. Eyebrows provide a framing effect to the face. Shape your eyebrows according to your face cut. You can wax your forehead for a cleaner look. Remove facial hair and excess body hair from visible areas. Visible hair protuding from underarms or upper lip can definitely be a big turn off. 

Smile please!

Always take care of your lips and teeth. Never lick your lips and use a good lip balm to keep them soft and supple. Also, use natural ingredients to keep your lips naturally pink (Read). Remember to always wear your million dollar smile wherever you go. Smile lights up your face and spreads a feel good factor all around.


Establish a regular skin care regime, follow a good and healthy diet, and drink enough water to look stunning without using makeup. Incorporate these few things in your daily routine for drop-dead gorgeous looks!