Lighten up and be a child all-over again

On this Children’s Day, let loose and have some crazy-carefree fun. Become a child all-over again, mDhil shows you how!

reconnect with the child in you reconnect with the child in you

Take in life’s small pleasures!

Rabindranath Tagore once said, “Never let the child in you die.” But how many of us are guilty of having almost massacred that child within? And the answer: A high majority!

As adults, deadlines, projects and to-do lists pretty much sum up our lives. And between all this — we stop having fun and become slaves of our own prisons: job, relationships, home and what not!

Let’s change that a little bit, shall we? To help you out, we at mDhil, bring to you a few ways that will help you reconnect with that long-buried child within, so that life does not seem drudgery like it does now!

10 ways to lighten up and be a child all-over again:

1. Read a kids’ book: Humour, highly imaginative characters and rhyme (sometimes without any reason) – reading a children’s book can give you a good dose of child-like fun. If you have a kid at home, why not read to him/her (do the voices) and roll on the floor laughing, like the kid does (when the going gets funny!) If you don’t have a kid for company, you can still ROFL, literally!

Our recommendations: Dr Suess’ The Cat in the Hat. Roald Dhal’s: The Big Friendly Giant (The BFG).

2. Learn something new: Starting something new can get you all charged up. So, join a dance class, learn a new language or dabble with an instrument you have always wanted to learn.

3. Build a sand castle: Take a stroll down to the beach or the nearest park (with a sand pit). Sit in the midst of those little broods and get your hands dirty – build a sand castle — a big one, a really big one! When you’re done, give yourself permission to gloat, just like a child!

4. Draw, colour paint: Buy a colouring book and crayons/paint on your way back home. And this weekend, spend some time colouring. You don’t have to stay inside the lines and you can use unconventional colours – just like you did when you were a kid, remember?

5. Visit an amusement park: Take your girlfriend/boyfriend, husband/wife and a whole bunch of friends and ride on those adrenaline gushing rollercoasters, giant-wheels and the umpteen other joy rides. And we assure you, you’ll have a blast.

6. Invite your friends over: Keep it simple, order some pizza in, play board games, cards, charades or even 20 questions – and have some plain, simple fun.

7. Play outdoors: Play gully cricket, or stop-by at your neighbourhood basketball court and play a game with those kids and feel like one again.

8. Watch Tom and Jerry: Remember those Sunday mornings you spent laughing your heads off, watching your favourite toon? Tom and Jerry or Phantom, pick up a DVD of your fave cartoon (from your childhood) and give yourself an hour in front of your TV, next Sunday!

9. Blow bubbles: Buy yourself a bubble-blower. Wake up early tomorrow morning, stand in your balcony and blow bubbles. Try and catch them and poke them with your finger and giggle.

10. Take a nap: Eat a yummy lunch, and follow it up with a snooze. Doing this on a workday, we understand, won’t be possible. Nevertheless, make it happen at least during the weekend.

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