Lamborghini looking to have its second dealership in India

LamborghiniThe Italian supercar maker Lamborghini SpA, a part of the Volkswagen AG reportedly plans to open its second dealership in India this year to meet increased demand for cars including the $750,600 Aventador.

The reports quoted said Mohan Mariwala, managing director of Lamborghini Mumbai as saying they will open their second dealership in Mumbai. Lamborghini will likely sell 30 cars in India next year, Mariwala said. To cater to the local market, the company fits all vehicles in India with a so-called "lifting system" to raise the suspension on bad roads, he said. The cars can also run on regular gasoline instead of high-octane fuel, he said.

Another Italian supercar maker and competitor Ferrari SpA, which opened its first dealership in the country in May, says it plans to open four more by the end of next year. The surging number of millionaires, projected to more than double in India by 2015, is prompting supercar makers to expand in a country. Maserati will open dealerships in Mumbai and New Delhi by March, according to Anubhav Sharma, a spokesman for Shreyans, which also owns the dealership rights to the brand in India, it was reported.

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