Lady Gaga's Scent is Said to be Called 'Fame'

Lady Gaga's Scent is Said to be Called 'Fame'

Waaay back in July 2012, which rather scarily feels like only yesterday, Grazia Daily revealed the rather intriguing rumour that super-star and singer extraordinaire Lady Gaga was secretly working on a fragrance-with-a-difference with Coty (just f.y.i the company that makes Kate Moss and SJP’s scents along with Marc Jacobs, Chloe and Calvin Klien too). At the time Coty were unable to reveal anything about the scent, we made a stab-in-the-dark that it would be called ‘Little Monster,’ and that was really that.   In fact, if we’re totally honest, not much has really changed since, with both the singer and Coty maintaining a veritable sense of mystery surrounding the whole ordeal.

What we can confirm is that subsequently in September 2012, as Lady Gaga took centre stage on the cover of Vogue’s highly coveted September Issue, she announced that she would indeed be coming up with a new fragrance and that it would have elements of the smell of erm, (and excuse us here),  blood and semen. And then there was radio silence, until this week, when new snippits of information began to be revealed.  Now we understand that the scent is to be called “Fame” and will not smell like blood and semen but rather “like an expensive hooker.” Oh good!

The fragrance is said to be launching come August September, while Steven Klien, the producer of Gaga’s “Alejandro” music video, has apparently worked on a short vid to accompany the olfactory experience. Rumours aside, we  can’t wait for the official launch when we will find out what is really going on.  No doubt the singer will pull something extraordinary out of the bag and we for one can’t wait to see it!  Needless you say you’ll be the first to know…

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