Keep your joints supple this winter–Top tips to control joint pain

Have you heard of the old wives’ tale about aching joints being an indicator of changing weather? Though there is no scientific evidence to this, there are several people, especially those who suffer from pain in their joints and arthritis, who swear by it!

Top tips to control joint painTop tips to control joint painCome winter and the pain in the joints just shoots up, making them almost immobile! There might not be any connection between the aching joints and weather, but these tips can sure be handy when your joints start hurting this winter!


This has to be an important part of your routine. Also, exercise is an easy way to get rid of muscle and joint stiffness during winter. Exercising for about 20 to 30 minutes every day is advisable but make sure you don’t overdo it. The idea is to increase the blood flow to your muscles and joints which will in turn reduce the stiffness. It would be better to exercise indoors than go for a walk outside when it’s chilly. Yoga, aerobics and pilates make great indoor exercises. You could even climb up and down the stairs and swim indoors in a heated pool to keep your joints loose and warm.

Keep warm

Keeping ourselves warm during the winter is something all of us do by default. However, instead of wearing just one pair of heavy warm clothes, try wearing two or three layers of thin clothing. Also, pad up your legs with tights, leggings and thermals and always keep your feet warm. Invest in a couple of pairs of warm socks and make sure you change them frequently or it might lead to infections.

Eat healthy

There are several nutritious foods that can keep you warm, healthy and increase your blood circulation during the winter. Whole grain cereals wheat, oats, maize and corn are known to have warming effects. Also, use whole pulses and legumes such as beans, soya and lentils while making soups and stews. Winter is the right time to incorporate a lot of herbs and spices into your food. Ginger, garlic, cinnamon, turmeric are some of the herbs and spices which should a part of your daily diet. While ginger increases peripheral circulation, natural sugar substitutes like honey and jaggery have warming effects.

Consume lean meat, fish and poultry as these high-protein foods are known to generate heat in the body. Keeping yourself hydrated is also important during the winter. Have warm water instead of cold water, green tea and hot soups will not just keep your body hydrated but also maintain body temperature.

Bask in the Sun

Make the best of the sunny days! Sunlight not just stimulates the Vitamin D in your body but also warms you up which in turn leads to improved blood circulation. Sunlight also lifts up your mood, keeping you active and on the move through the day!

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle and diet throughout the year will not just help you look the other way when presented with unhealthy food, but it will also keep stress off your joints during winter!

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