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    Jammin thru India was the last leg of Jay Kannaiyan's incredible bike ride on his trusty 1998 Suzuki DR650, sanDRina. Jay sold his house and all his belongings (except what he needed for the road) and set out from Chicago in March 2010. After riding through 32 countries in Central and South America, he rode through Europe and crossed over to Africa. Ending that leg in Cape Town, Jay packed sanDRina in a crate and sent her off to Chennai. He came to India in February 2013 and his bike followed after clearing Customs in April. Jay then set out to discover India on sanDRina. 

    Jay set off from Chennai on April 30, blessed by his family deities. The journey took him first to his old school in Kodaikanal, from where he headed south to Kanyakumari. From this point, Jay traversed 10 Indian states and rode up the Himalayan passes to Ladakh, returning via Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir to New Delhi on June 11. With that, JamminGlobal, Jay's ambitious project made possible by sheer determination and

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  • The last day of Jammin Thru the Global South, Jay's awe-inspiring trip through 32 countries, comes to a fruitful finale at New Delhi after a 274-km ride. Thank you for following Jammin Thru India and don't miss the live chat on Monday, June 17 at 2:30 PM IST. Happy trails!

    sanDRina, my faithful steed on this journey on the Chandigarh-Delhi Highway. Last 50 km to go...

    I had a good night's sleep and woke up early for the last day of my journey. About 15 riders from Chandigarh joined me for a short breakfast ride and they bid me adieu on the last leg of my trip.
    Someone up there is looking after me as today was a very cool day compared to the last few days in the area. It was cloudy and gray and the temperature was in the low 30s. There was some part of me wishing for a bright, blue sky for the last ride of my journey, but I enjoyed enough of brilliant, blue skies in Ladakh and gladly welcomed the cool ride into Delhi.

    The highway from Chandigarh to Delhi was a breeze to ride and I enjoyed getting sanDRina into 5th gear and leaning back with my feet up on the highway pegs. While paying attention to the traffic ahead, I was reminiscing about all the good rides I had over the past three-plus years. So many countries visited, so many beautiful places seen, friendly people met and tasty food savoured. I was thrilled that I had the chance to do something

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  • From Dharamsala Jay descends to Punjab, the eleventh state of his trip, and is greeted by fellow bikers in Chandigarh

    I woke up to the sound of rain and welcomed it for its cooling effect on the land but as soon as I descended a few hundred meters, it was all dry and hot again. I was back in my favorite state, Himachal Pradesh, and enjoyed the twisting roads over hills and along rivers. The routes I was on were not that crowded with traffic and it allowed me to savour these last few moments of the ride.

    Entering Punjab and the land of Sikhs and Gurudwaras.

    I stopped at a dhaba and had a fresh aloo paratha with dahi. It's been interesting to taste all the different ways that aloo parathas can be made. It's the most basic food at a dhaba that's ready as soon as you arrive. Sometimes they're thick, sometimes very crispy, sometimes with lots of aloo, sometimes the aloo is just in the name, but coming in from the road, it's always tasty, especially with some achar and dahi.

    Being hosted by the Bullet motorcycle club of Chandigarh.

    I left the Himalayan foothills proper and got down to the plains of Punjab and headed straight into the unique city of Chandigarh. It's unique for a number of different reasons. First, tha...Read More »

  • From Udhampur, Jay changes plan. Instead of riding to hot Amritsar, he heads 255 km for Dharamsala over small curvy roads

    From Udhampur, I had originally planned to visit Amritsar but the temperatures didn't look very inviting for riding into a big city, just yet. One of the majors at the base gave me a nice route to avoid riding through Jammu and getting into Himachal Pradesh and heading to Dharamsala. I headed east through lots of small towns and found curvy roads through pine and eucalyptus forests. Now, that's more my kind of riding, instead of overtaking on busy roads.

    The reservoir of the Ranjit Sagar Dam near the Jammu & Kashmir and Punjab border.

    I gained some elevation but anything below 5,000 ft was just feeling hot like the plains and I told myself to get used to it as I would be exiting the Himalayas soon. I passed by the Ranjit Sagar Dam near Dhar and then headed east for Dharamsala.   


    Looking at McLeod Ganj up on the hillside from Dharamsala, the home of the Tibetan Government in Exile.

    Once there, I thought it would be a good idea to climb up to McLeod Ganj and enjoy one last night at a hill station before descending to the plains. But this was peak tourist season and it was too crowded for me, so I just found a small hotel down in Dharamsala and enjoyed a quiet meal of t...Read More »


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The Man. The Machine. The Story

There are love stories and love stories, but none tugs more at the heart than a tale of infinite departure. In March 2010, Jay Kannaiyan and sanDRina, his beloved Suzuki DR650, left on a great journey back home to India. Jay quit his secure corporate job, sold his Chicago townhouse and every household possession, and left with sanDRina on a journey that saw them through 94,933 km, 32 countries, and 1,150 days on the road through the Global South -- from the USA through Latin America and Africa, heading towards India. At the core of this seemingly mindless pursuit was Jay’s desire to raise awareness about sustainability and a unique sentiment best described by an archaic Greek term, eudaimonia – the search for things that are true, good and beautiful. 

Homecoming isn’t complete unless you experience the country you call home in all her varied terrain and temperaments. And so Jay and sanDRina will embark on a journey of discovery through India. 

Yahoo India Travel follows Jay and sanDRina on their exhilarating discovery of India with daily updates from the road in words, pictures and video. If you have questions to ask, or words of encouragement for Jay and sanDRina, follow Jammin India on Twitter (hashtag #jamminindia). Also visit for comprehensive accounts of his journey so far as well as snippets and trivia. 

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