I bust my manboobs in 6 months

Ipshita Kumar

Arjun Khera lost 30 kilos and turned his life around.
Before                                  After
Weight: 87kg                          Weight: 57kg

Age: 24 years
Profession: Lawyer
Location: New Delhi

It was a cold day in July, when the girl I loved spurned my proposal because my breasts were almost as big as hers. Never mind the distended belly. I came home to drown my sorrows in my usual supply of cheese slices (four or five in a row) when I caught sight of my tear-stained, self-stuffing fat face in the mirror. The slices crashed on the floor: so did my weight six months later.

Choose your sport
I've always loved swimming and tennis, so it was easier to start with these than joining a gym. Swimming converts fat to muscle and tennis powers every part of your core. Swimming also activates every part of your body, be it your arms, your back, your glutes or your legs. I'd try a different stroke every day. Not only did this improve my stroke, but it also helped my stamina and lung power.

Control your mood

A bad day at work usually meant four samosas inhaled within a minute. A victory would entail extra-cheesy pizza and potato chips. You always indulge when you're low or happy. But I've discovered you let go easily when you've achieved something. So control your euphoria or celebrate by doing something other than eating (this does not mean drinking alcohol.)

Dance it off
The most common phrase at any party is, "I need another drink before I can hit the fl oor". Truth be told, it's all to do with confidence. I was confident I had nothing to lose (apart from my weight), so I'd hit every office party with a vengeance and dance minus an alcoholic high. I'd stay off food, drink more water and get to escort pretty ladies home because the other guys were too high to drive them back.

Start cooking!

My love for cakes and pastries dates back to school days when I indulged in eating them. Now I've learned how to bake'em and I bake'em healthy. As Indian men, we've always scorned cooking and desperately need to upgrade our thinking. Olive oil is best used over salads. Once cooked, Indian style, it loses its nutritional properties. I've also started using whey protein in the cakes I bake. Another trick I employ is putting my salad into the office fridge as soon as I get there so it stays fresh and tastes better.

Cut out diet cola
Losing weight from my stomach was the toughest. But when I gave up my daily intake of diet cola, I discovered I started losing weight faster. Curb your cravings (it contains caffeine) with sips of water. It took me a month, but I can't stand the stuff now. I still eat one cheese slice a day, more as a reminder than a cheat meal. Of course, my present girl has no issues with my chest size.

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