Hot Towel Oil Treatment–Natural Beauty

Ditch those fancy hair spas and shampoos! Here's how you can make your hair look healthy and lustrous in minutes.

Hot Towel Oil Treatment
Today, we are tackling moisturizing the scalp and hair with hot oil towel oil treatment! To increase hair growth and get shiny hair, the scalp massage is very important, as that is where the hair follicles are. The massage will stimulate circulation in the scalp to push hair growth as well as ensure that the oil is full absorbed.

What do you need for the hot oil treatment

#1. You only need three things for this- coconut oil, hot water and towel.

#2. The quantity of oil depends on the length of your hair.

Procedure for hot oil treatment

  • First heat up a bowl of water. Pour the oil in a glass and place the glass in the bowl of water. This way you can heat up the oil so its hot but not too hot to apply on your scalp.
  • Start by taking the oil at the very roots of hair and rub in circular motions. Work from my temples and move backwards.
  • After 3 minutes or so of scalp massage, comb your fingers gentle through your hair to get the rest of the oil on your strands.
  • Don’t put too much oil on the rest of your hair or else it will be harder to wash out.
  • Now take a towel, wet it in hot water and then wring it out. Wrap you hair in the towel and wait for approximately thirty minutes before washing it out.

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