How can a hobby help you!

Partaking in a hobby can reduce stress, lower your blood pressure and keep your mind alert.

benefits of hobbybenefits of hobby

Try your hand at pottery or pick up that guitar. Pursue a hobby for a better quality of life!

Yes, they provide an outlet for your creativity, but pursuing hobbies can give you much more than that.

Benefits of pursuing a hobby:

Lowers stress levels: When you enjoy an activity, it can, even if temporarily, take your mind off your life’s challenges. And this momentary break can be valuable, as it can most often allow you to see your problems with fresh eyes. And this new perspective can help you find better solutions.

Boosts self-esteem: Creating something can give you a sense of competence and accomplishment. It is likely to earn you some appreciation too, all of which will translate into a higher self-esteem. Additionally, it also helps you uncover some latent talents, which in turn can increase your self-worth.

Joy: If your hobby particularly involves creating something, then it can give you a lot of creative satisfaction, which in turn can make you feel happy and content. If your hobby requires physical activity like dance or adventure sports, then physical exertion can release feel good chemicals like endorphins and adrenaline, which leave you feeling good.

Lowers blood pressure: Blood pressure is proven to have a direct link to stress. Pursuing a hobby of your choice, as already established, can help lower stress levels and also leave you feeling good. All this works to your further advantage by keeping your blood pressure under check, which means — in the long run — it can reduce your risk of heart disease.

Increased focus and concentration: When you’re doing something you like, it’s easy to focus. And over time, this might help boost your concentration levels in other activities too.

Pursuing a hobby provides a space for socialising, and who knows, you could build long-lasting friendships that prove to be beneficial. Attending a class or a seminar to exchange techniques and new ideas (about your hobby), allows you to connect with new people.  And these new people can sometimes just help break the monotony in your life, and giving you a fresh perspective.

Can prevent Alzheimer’s: Hobbies that engage the brain can reduce your chances of getting Alzheimer’s. Studies have proven that people who remain intellectually active and engaged in hobbies that stimulated the brain such as solving puzzles, chess, reading and writing throughout their lives are at reduced risk of developing Alzheimer’s.

Fine motor skills: Any hobby that requires you to make muscle movements can help enhance your motor skills. Motor skills are defined by Wikipedia as the coordination of small muscle movements which occur e.g., in the fingers, usually in coordination with the eyes.

Some hobby ideas for you to choose from:

If you enjoy creating something, a few activities you might like are: baking, stitching, pottery, sculpting, painting, embroidery or even gardening.

If you want an activity that requires physical exertion try a sport of your choice: cricket, tennis and swimming or give adventure sports a shot. You could try rock climbing, trekking, kayaking.

If you want a cerebral hobby, reading, chess, solving puzzles and stimulating conversations with like-minded people are a few options.

Try a hand at dancing, choose a dance form you like, or learn to play an instrument, pursue singing. Ah, there is just so much you can do. So start something  today and gift yourself improved health and peace of mind.

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