Four quick ways to spot liars

London, Dec 14 (ANI): A body-language expert has released a list of the four most common ways to spot whether someone is lying.

To start with, Men's Health non-verbal behaviour expert Marc Salem says that a hard and steady gaze is the first unusual was of telling if the other person is lying.

Secondly, display of inconsistent behaviour is also a pointed that someone is fibbing through their teeth.

In addition to a steady gaze or displays of inconsistent behaviour, the other two give-aways are shown through the smile, or lack thereof.

According to Salem, covering one's mouth while talking or coughing an inordinate amount for a healthy person both may be ways to cover more than just a smile.

If someone tries to hide their mouth, it may be an inadvertent tell that they are hiding the truth.

On the other end of the spectrum, if someone smiles too quickly or does so under unusual circumstances, they may be trying to cover up bad behaviour.

"A genuine smile changes a person's whole face," the Daily Mail quoted Salem as saying.

"Their eyes light up, and their cheeks and eyebrows rise along with the corners of their mouth.

"A fake smile appears in an instant, and disappears just as quickly," he said.

A common theme throughout the list is that any changes in someone's typical behaviour should serve as a warning sign that something is up.

"Shifts from the norm are red flags for deceit," Salem added. (ANI)

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