Foods That Make You Stink

Foods That Make You Stink

We spend not less than thousands on a good perfume. 

For most men smelling right is very important; after all it adds to your confidence! But have you ever noticed that post-lunch even if you don’t sweat you smell of something odd? It is not always necessary that body odour is the result of excessive sweating; your food can also be a reason behind it. We tell you of foods that might want to avoid before stepping into a meeting.

Red Meat

Foods That Make You Stink

Irrespective of how delicious red meat looks on the plate, regular intake of it can lead to the foulest body odour. Meat takes a long time to get digested and, in the meanwhile, releases toxins in the blood that cause this odour. Try cutting down on your meat intake and replace it with sea food or veggies. The worst thing you can do to yourself is consuming red meat for dinner, avoid it completely.

Junk food

Foods That Make You Stink

Stacking up on junk food is a mere adjustment that you do catch up with your fast track life. But this adjustment makes your body stink. Processed foods have sugar, oil and other preservatives that lead to body odour. Like red meat, junk food also takes a long time to get digested and eventually rots in your intestine. You might enjoy your burgers and fries for a quick bite but it is sure not the best smelling bid that you can get. 


Foods That Make You Stink

You must have noticed this yourself a lot. Coffee gives you bad breath as it increases the acidity in your body. Caffeine may help you fight lethargy but will sure leave a bad smell in your mouth. Most of you love your coffee and smoke breaks but it only makes your co-workers' day worst as they need to bear the pungent odour with a smile. 

Dairy products

Foods That Make You Stink

Milk in itself has a smell that not everyone can stand. Dairy products contain protein which, when assimilated, is broken down into sulphurous by-products that lead to bad breath. A glass of milk before bed can be a good idea but brush your teeth post that, as your partner might not like that rotten egg-like smell. 


Foods That Make You Stink

This is a well-known fact that eating raw onions leads to bad breath. But a few people simply love their salad with lot of onions. Eating a large amount of onion can make you stink real bad. While digesting raw onion, your body releases sulphurous gas which gets absorbed in your blood, making you perspire. Though it is good to eat raw onions during summers make sure you don’t eat excess of it or else you will smell like an onion yourself! 

No one likes to sit next to person who smells like a rotten egg. So wear the best of your fragrances and avoid eating the foods we mentioned right before a meeting or a date. Popping mint can be a good option but avoid chewing gums. And we don’t need to remind you to avoid smoking right after your meal as it will only make things worse for you.

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