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In the 90‘s, when you wanted to leave town, all you had to do was inform close family and friends. In the new millennium, it involved doing the same with the new-fangled addition of turning off your cell phone. In 2011 “getting away” is a tough—if not odious—task. Today, you are required to inform your family, friends and colleagues at work besides updating your Facebook, Messenger and Twitter status and tweets. Is it any wonder then that with greater disposable income and greater technology dependence, people are scouring the globe for the perfect, stress-free (read: tech-free) getaway? Planning on organising a last-minute girlie weekender or a road trip with the boys? Think again, with everyone’s erratic work schedules, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to coordinate a group holiday. The simple solution: travel solo. We’ve put together three of the best trips from around the globe perfectly designed for those who enjoy nothing more than flying solo.

There is something unexplainable about the joy and pride one feels on reaching a mountain’s summit. It is the ultimate adrenaline rush and is an incomparable feeling of euphoria. Of course, not everybody is financially or physically fit enough to conquer Mount Everest. But any sort of mountain-conquering can be fun and cathartic, as long as it’s done with the right attitude. The Annapurna Dhaulagiri is a two week trek that takes place in mystical Nepal. This trip has a definite feel-good factor about it, since the accommodation comes by way of lodges whose profit is donated to benefit local schools and village projects. Encounter terraced hillsides en route to Upper Ghandruk and forge a path through the remote hill terrain of Bayeli as you finally emerge victorious on the Kopra Ridge and marvel at the lofty Himalayan range. The icing on the cake is the return journey—to match your peaceful frame of mind; the route descends through alpine pastures and oak forests and terminates at the picturesque Lake Phewa at Pokhara which is renowned for its beauty. Travelling by oneself has never been this tranquil.
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This multi-sport adventure takes place in Santiago, more specifically—Torres del Paine. Your journey begins on horseback as you ride through the pampas on strong Criollo horses, experiencing the Gaucho culture of Patagonia as you go. Next stop—Torres del Paine National Park, where you hike to the famous ‘W’ granite peaks. Finally, paddle your kayak on the Serrano River past untouched forests and snow-topped mountains and visit the two magnificent hanging glaciers at the remote Bernado O’Higgins National Park. This holiday is so packed with things to do, you won’t even realise you’re travelling alone. Moreover, it’s definitely a trip for those who have difficulty staying still.
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If you’re a Greek mythology buff, this is one trip you don’t want to miss. A walking tour of Mount Olympus with experienced guides will enthral anyone. Home to the twelve gods of ancient Greece, with the mighty Zeus as commander-in-chief, Olympus looms high above Litochoro and Summit Zero. One of the most sacred mountains on earth, it has two main ascents as well as other interesting walks. Summit Zero is the ideal place to start your trek. With lagoons, gorges, ravines and the Enipea river as a part of the view that cascades down to the sea, is it any wonder the Gods chose Olympus as their home? The journey begins in Litochoro and passes through the Enipeas canyon, a steep valley with thick birch oak and pine forests, wooden bridges and the sixteenth century St. Dionysius Monastery and culminates at Mytikas.
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