Festive Sweets and Calorie Count

With the festive season in full swing, you’re most likely surrounded by all kinds of sweets. While it’s great to enjoy these tasty treats, it’s also good to know their calorie count so you can make informed choices.

The sweet temptation

Indian festivals call for get togethers with friends and families, shopping for new clothes and indulging in great food. And high calorie Indian sweets play an integral role in this festive food.

While different regions have different types of sweets, usually made of local ingredients, one thing they probably all have in common is the high calorie count. Even the most careful eater tends to consume tends to get a little lax during the festive season. It’s hard to say no when you’re surrounded by delicious temptation and when everyone around you is indulging and forcing you to indulge in sweets as well.

We all need a little treat now and then. After all, what is life without something sweet to go with it? So here are the calorie counts of popular Indian sweets, as well as exercise options for you to burn them off. This is not to put you off, but instead to help you make informed choices and enjoy the festive season without regrets.

Indian sweets, calorie count and exercises to burn those calories





Gulab Jamun
150Dancing for 30 minutes at moderate speed
12515 minutes of step aerobics
Kaju Katli
58Running for 3 minutes at the speed of 16 km/h
142Approx. 25 minutes of brisk walking
Mysore Pak
35738 minutes of swimming (speed of 1.5 km/h)
Kaju Burfi
83Running for 5 minutes at the speed of 16 km/h
200Gardening for 30 minutes
Panut Burfi
81Running for 5 minutes at the speed of 16 km/h
Milk Cake
224Jogging for 30 minutes
Khoya and Sooji Ladoo
134Cycling for 20 minutes at the speed of 20 km/h
Motichur Ladoo
150Climbing steps for 30 minutes
Chocolate Burfi
141Ride a bike at moderate speed for 20 minutes
Coconut Burfi
192Playing badminton for 40 minutes
Coconut & Sooji Ladoo
173Mowing the loan for 40 minutes
Besan Ladoo
153Washing car for 30 minutes
Tl ke Ladoo
80Ironing clothes for 20 minutes
Rice Kheer141
Doing rigorous household work for 30 minutes
Skipping rope for 40 minutes
Sohan Halwa399
Playing squash for 35 minutes
Atta Halwa263
1 hour of painting home or office
Jogging for 25 minutes
Playing golf for 1 hour

It is very difficult to stay away and cut the calories gained out of sweets consumed during festivals. But a well planned regimen including balanced diet and regular exercise can do miracles to cut the unwanted fat in the festive season.

Photographs by Robertsharp and Shooz

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