The Most Expensive Foods in the World

The Most Expensive Foods in the WorldMoney, money, money – is truly funny in a rich man’s world. 

Oh to have all the wealth in the world to spend on the most luxurious things – that would be any man’s dream. Where larger parts of the world are riddled by starvation and poverty, here is a list of the most expensive foods in the world.

1. Most Expensive Spice

The Most Expensive Foods in the World

This has to be saffron. Although grown worldwide, it is derived from the essence of the saffron crocus flower. A rare celebrity in its own world, about half a kilogram of dry saffron is extracted from 75,000 flowers. That is the area of 5 Olympic level swimming pools. Since it requires so much effort to procure and manufacture, the spice is priced at INR 5500 – INR 55000 per kilogram.

2. Macadamia nut

The Most Expensive Foods in the World

The Macadamia nut, although utterly humble in looks, truly shocks you when you ask about its price and origins. It is the world’s most expensive nut, and accounts for the delicious chocolates that remain a rage throughout the world. The manufacturing alone is such a time-consuming process that it adds to the overall value and pricing of the nut. A tree can only produce these nuts after a decade of rearing. It requires fertile soil and very heavy rainfall. The wonderful thing about these nuts is the creamy white kernel, which tastes like heaven on a platter, that is, only after you manage to crack open its tough exterior. The kernel is composed of 80 pc oil and 4 pc sugar and its price exceeds INR 1650 per kilogram.

3. Most Expensive Caviar

The Most Expensive Foods in the World

It has been the dream of every high-roller to savour the tastes of life with caviar and bubbly in their hands. However, the most expensive caviar in the world doesn’t make this dream any easier. The Beluga Caviar is literally the Godfather of all the caviars available. This luxurious caviar comes from a fish whose ancestry dates back to the Jurassic Period, and has remained the only living survivor of those 120 million years. With such a royal and grand heritage, how can it be cheap? A mere kilogram of Beluga Caviar costs more than INR 2,75,000. Talk about expensive fish eggs!

4. Most Expensive Mushroom

The Most Expensive Foods in the World

Just when the world thought that mushrooms can sing happy and colourful songs in cartoon films, does the most expensive mushroom come around to surprise you. The white truffle mushroom grows in the fertile Piedmont Region and lives up to reach 12 centimetres in diameter and nearly 500 grams in weight. Nevertheless, it is the price that takes away the cake – the white truffle mushroom costs a whopper INR 2,79,984 per kilogram.

5. Most Expensive Potato

The Most Expensive Foods in the World

Who would have thought that something as common as a potato would make this list? La Bonnotte is the world’s most expensive potato. With only 100 tonnes of this potato reared every year, a single kilogram can cost up to INR 34,998. Why? Because these potatoes can only be grown in the presence of a rare seaweed fertilizer in a climate shaped by the sea. This rare climate and seaweed, incidentally, can only be found on the island Noirmoutier in France. Now, wouldn’t you like to roast one of these on a spit?

Knowing such luxurious delicacies out in the world must make you ache with the desire to possess them. But since money only comes to those who seem to work hard, it might take a few lifetimes before you can afford these foods. Till then? Happy dreaming!

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