Find Your Exact Foundation Match With A Revolutionary New Gadget at Boots!

Find Your Exact Foundation Match With A Revolutionary New Gadget at Boots!

After discovering that a whopping 78% of women would change their foundation if they could find a better colour match, Boots decided to take matters into their own hands, devoting three years to creating a device that reads an individual’s skin qualities and matches it exactly to their new range of No.7 foundation shades. Clever huh?

The extensive research carried out by the brand involved measuring the skin tones of 2000 British women and you’ll be pleased to know that the result - The Match Made device, has now landed in Boots stores nationwide. With over 80 foundations to choose from and trained advisors to guide you, finding your perfect foundation has never been easier.

"Finding the right foundation colour for your skin can be a daunting task," explained no7 Creative Director and makeup maestro Lisa Eldridge, who helped to develop the Match Made device." We make-up artists train for years using sight alone to assess skin tones and hues and make the perfect colour match, but without this training and experience it's no surprise that most women find it challenging and are, therefore, on an unending mission to find their true match. The no7 Match Made device removes that uncertainty, which is why it's set to revolutionise the face of foundation in the UK and finally give women what they want!" Excited? We are!

No7 Foundation Match Made Service is free at 668 Boots stores nationwide

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