Eternal Love – Saif Ali Khan & Kareena Kapoor

Ever since this power couple got together, there has been much speculation regarding their exes, their vacations, their engagement & the impending wedding.

altEver since this power couple got together, there has been much speculation regarding their exes, their vacations, their engagement & the impending wedding.

Needless to say, the wedding extravaganza that took place a few days ago also was a much hyped affair. And why not?! After all it isn’t everyday that the ‘Nawab of Pataudi’ gets married to one of the most powerful actresses who bears the ‘Kapoor’ clan name.

Let’s back up a little on this love story. Back in the days Kareena was blissfully dating Shahid Kapur but all was not well with Saif’s married life. He divorced Amrita and promptly got on with Rosa Catalona, an Italian model. Things went on like this for a while and then ‘Tashan’ happened in 2007; and it changed everything.


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Suddenly gossip mills were abuzz with the news of Shahid & Kareena heading to splitsville. Soon after Saif was spotted with Kareena at numerous locations; with no efforts from either party to hide their affection from public eye. Soon all the suspicions & speculations were put to rest by an iconic tattoo. Saif went Beckham and got Kareena’s name tattooed on his arm in an extravagant gesture that exhibited to the entire world, his love for the lady. Suddenly the couple became the cynosure of all eyes. What they wore, where they went and what gifts they exchanged became hot topics of gossip.


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Although the on-screen chemistry of this couple has never really set the box-offices ringing, off-screen their love is for all to see. They are truly besotted with each other and are often seen praising each other’s performances apart from tom-toming the virtues. Kareena has confessed time and again that Saif is responsible for transforming her from a bubbly girl to a mature elegant woman that she is now (apart from making her laugh of course). And Saif has returned his lady love the compliment by saying that she is the one who keeps the passion in their lives alive. Among them they form a perfect mutual admiration society.

Saif has 2 kids from his prior marriage but that doesn’t seem to bother the Kapoor woman. In fact she is said to have a great repertoire with them. Initially there were reports of Sharmila Tagore not approving of her but it seems Kareena won the heart of her mum-in-law quite well. So much so that the whole wedding was orchestrated and headed by her; and boy she did that really well?!


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The much speculated & talked about wedding took place on October 16 and was a grand affair with the who’s who of the political and entertainment arena gracing the occasion. Although the couple has not jet-setted off to their honeymoon, they sure have left behind a ray of hope for all those lovers who want to stand against all odds to end up with the ones they love.

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