DEBATE: Would you still have your boobs done?

DEBATE: Would you still have your boobs done?

Earlier this year, thousands of women who had undergone breast enlargements were the subject of a surgery scandal as it was discovered their implants had been made out of non-medical grade silicone, actually intended for use in mattresses.

The faulty breast implants were put into around 47,000 women in the UK, and seriously threatened their health as the dodgy implants could rupture, leaking dangerous silicone into the body.

What made the scandal more complicated was that it turned out there was no central list of the women who had undergone the surgery, meaning there was no way of contacting those at risk.

As the Government launch a review into the PIP implants controversy, they have stated they intend to raise the standard of the cosmetic surgery as a whole and target ‘grubby practices’. But the question is, would this put you off having plastic surgery?

Breast enlargements are still by far the most popular procedure in the UK, with the number of women having theirs altered increasing year on year, even despite the recession.

Sir Bruce Keogh, a medical director at the NHS who has been brought in to examine procedures told Sky News he was concerned that “too many people do not realise how serious cosmetic surgery is and do not consider the life-long implications – and potential complications – it can have.”

So what do you think? Would you be put off having your boobs done or are you willing to take the risk? We want to hear your thoughts….

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