Celeb figure of the day: Jennifer Lopez

Celeb figure of the day: Jennifer Lopez

Oh Jennifer Lopez – you are a poster girl for being toned and curvy. Basically, we want your figure. End of.

Celebrating her J-Lo and Enrique world tour at a pre-party at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Jen looked bronzed and buff.

Her white crochet crop top and high waisted shorts are the perfect mix of summer heat and cute retro, and showed off her toned and defined stomach and legs.

We heart that J-Lo looks healthy and fit - continuing the post-Olympic love for athletic figures over skinny ones. 

However a body like this doesn't happen over night. Testament that you have to work at it, J-Lo is not shy of a hardcore fitness regime.

After having her twins, she got back into shape by training for and competing in a triathlon, which includes a mix of swimming, biking and running. Not for the faint hearted.

Jenny from the block is also known to be among the many celebs who live by Tracy Anderson’s workouts, reportedly following Tracey’s grueling moves up to six times a week before she is due to film a video or go on tour. Now that’s dedication.

Jennifer Lopez – we salute you. And your abs. 

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