Carlisle named most promiscuous city in Europe

London, Oct 10 (ANI): Men in Carlisle are the most promiscuous than any city in Europe, a US-based dating website has revealed.

Of the men in the Cumbrian city who took part in the site's 25,000-person survey, a remarkable 100 percent claimed they had 14 or more different sexual partners annually - more than one a month.

Carlisle beat Prague in the Czech Republic and Vienna in Austria to the title of the EU's most promiscuous city, with Mykonos in Greece trailing in fourth place, the Daily Mail reported.

Only 55 percent of men in Paris who took part in the study had more than 14 sexual partners in a year.

The Carlisle men who took part in the survey are claiming to have had significantly more sexual partners in a year than most other men in the country do in their lifetimes.

A 2010 study, conducted by the Health Survey for England, reported a mean national average of 9.3 sexual partners in a lifetime among the country's males, way short of the Carlisle men's total of 14 in a year.

The same study revealed that only 27 percent of men nationwide had more than ten sexual partners in their lifetime.

The survey was conducted by a 'sugar daddy' dating website

The site exclusively looks for wealthy men who are "generous" with their money and are looking for "sugar babies" to date. (ANI)

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