Capricorn compatibility

This pair can be electric, given the Cappy is willing to let the Aries take the centre-stage. This may not be an easy proposition, as both of them are used to being spoiled; Aries is childishly stubborn and Capricorn is the mature know-it-all. The slightest uneasiness in these roles can send them scuttling in opposite directions. Ambitious to the extent of being self-centred, they get their thrills from their achievements, and can be hopelessly lost when they are in unfamiliar territory. At times like this, Aries injects energy into Capricorn, and Capricorn brings Aries's life back on track. They possess the tuning to not just reach the peak together, but also to live life king-size on the way up.

When two people are so well-tuned to each others' needs, it's a foregone conclusion that the relationship is headed towards "happily ever after". Style icons in their own individual ways, both signs are not just well turned out, but also blessed with good looks and charm. Personifications of the adage "work hard, party harder", they create a perfect balance between their dogged determination and a love for fine living. Family, work, and society are of utmost importance to them, so they are not just extremely protective of their relationships, but also loyal until the end. The only speed-bump this utopian love story may encounter is the slow pace this relationship will move at.

In the journey that is life, these two are going to go far together - all they need is a little coordination and patience. The difference lies mainly in their goal-setting techniques, and therefore their approach to life in general. Gemini is constantly achieving new goals, and putting them behind them so they can move on to the next, while Capricorn will set one ultimate goal, and hang up their boots once it is achieved. Mischievous Gemini is always on the lookout for a new adventure, and Capricorn is content to sit home and relax. Neither of them is too articulate when it comes to loved ones, and they are experts at not letting their faces show their true feelings, so they are often misunderstood.

These two signs complement each other perfectly; Capricorn is rock-steady when Cancer is questioning, and Cancer is gentle where Capricorn has rough edges. Have no doubts that this is a relationship that will go the distance. While both signs are ambitious and, at times, rebellious, they are rarely disrespectful and are eternally on the lookout for security. These traits keep them attached to their friends and families, and are the reasons they seek stable relationships as opposed to flings. This relationship may sound too perfect to be interesting, but each sign has a few eccentricities up their sleeve, which keep them glued to each other. 

If there ever were a personification of style and class, this duo would be it. Leo and Capricorn look so good together, that one would almost be forgiven for mistaking them for a celebrity couple. With their love for the limelight and their image-consciousness, they wouldn't be too far off the mark. While there may be trouble in paradise, especially when their selfish and materialistic streak kicks in, both are smart enough to mend the tears to take their chemistry to the next level. Ambition is what draws them to each other; they may even tread on a few toes to get what they want. Once the two decide to comply and bury their mutual differences, together they can really take on the world.

This combination ranks so high on the compatibility meter, that they could almost be soul mates. With their priorities all sorted, and their feet firmly planted on the ground, Virgo and Capricorn are realists with a capital R. Durability is a need, and each would find it ridiculous to invest time or energy into something that's not going to last forever. Be assured that when they are in a relationship, they are in for the long haul. As friends, they are the stuff that dreams are made of - loyal, reliable, and unconditionally supportive. Both signs are extremely conscious of fulfilling their duties towards their loved ones, so they may correspondingly have high expectations from their partners. 

Too much of anything is bad, and this is proved by the balance of power that the union of Libra and Capricorn creates. Most times, they complement each other, with Libra's wobbling scales being stabilized by Capricorn, and Libra giving flight to Capricorn's grounded ambition. The problems start once either of them starts taking charge, because neither sign is used to being bossed over. When this happens, Libra will feel the effect of the rarely seen Capricorn temper, and will take off to a private place. Both signs need to settle down, and understand that a slow and steady pace will ensure they sense each others' needs better, and reach a point of eternal togetherness. Die hard romantics, they will then go all the way with roses, chocolates, and champagne, sparing no cost to woo their beloved in style.


There's a difference between having a goal, and 'having a goal', and no one illustrates this difference better than a Scorpio and a Capricorn. Both signs are super-achievers, but while Capricorn sets up a sofa by the fireplace once a goal is achieved, Scorpio sits down with a notepad making a list of the next few goals. This is not to say that Capricorn is lax; when it comes to work, both signs are equally fastidious and want to earn more to splurge in style. Then whether it's clothes, diamonds, or luxury sedans, they will not think twice on picking up the best. Both signs tend to drift off into their thoughts at times, and can come off as cold or snooty when they are not in the mood for small talk.

Bringing Sagittarius and Capricorn together is like trying to fuse the two ends of a spectrum. Sagittarius is as impulsive as Capricorn is cautious, and Capricorn is as measured as Sagittarius is unruly. If the two signs are able to create a bond, they will save each other from stagnation; Capricorn will use Sagittarius' passion when they are stuck for ideas, and Sagittarius will find a platform for their larger than life ideas in Capricorn's solid presence. Both signs have a tendency to get lost within themselves, worrying about their goals and dreams. Realists and survivors, their innate self-belief shines through all their troubles, and their quirky jokes do a good job of covering up their inner insecurities.


The Capricorn-Capricorn union is one fraught with ambition, as both these individuals get pretty high ratings on the achievements chart. Workaholics from the word go, they need to be careful to not take each other for granted, while chasing their own goals. If they can work in tandem towards achieving what they need for a happy future together, they will go a long, long way. Hard working and practical, Capricorn spares no expense once they have decided what they want from life. They are slightly conventional, but have a quirky crazy side to them that they keep well hidden.

Ambition is what brings Capricorn and Aquarius together, and ambition is what can tear them apart. They can burn the midnight oil incessantly, and stay motivated until they achieve their goals. That's when they come to a stalemate, because Capricorn wants to sit and revel in the glory of achievement, and Aquarius wants to set off on the next goal chase. These two bring a lot of craziness to the table, although Capricorn does a better job of keeping it under wraps than Aquarius does. Aquarius understands Capricorn's need for instructions, and Capricorn senses they have a lot to learn from Aquarius if they can drop their inhibitions.

Capricorn and Pisces is a combination that can work if they choose to balance each other's shortcomings, rather than kick up a fuss. Their ideologies are poles apart; Capricorn needs a rulebook to live their lives, and Aquarius is a complete rebel. But when it comes to relationships, they need a secure and loving environment, with the traditional trappings of romance and a solid friendship between them. Pisces needs the space to dream up plans to keep the romance alive, and Capricorn needs some alone time to plan the day's tasks. Both signs are extremely brand-conscious, so their gifts need to reflect their personal style quotient.


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