Buckle up–Your life depends on it

Are you a safe driver? Are you concerned about accidents and road mishaps? Clasping on that seat belt has avoided many car accidents, and it will continue to do so. Learn more about how a simple act of buckling up can do so much to prevent accidents.

Believe it or not-just a simple act of buckling up the seat belt everytime you drive can reduce the risks of car accidents and injuries to an amazing level. Every year around  40000 people involved in car accidents lose their lives just due to negligence of wearing the seat belts.

How does wearing a seat belt help?

The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration claims that wearing the seat belt reduces the seriousness of injury during road accidents to 60%. The combination of lap belt and a shoulder-to-hip belt helps to protect the internal organs, that are the most susceptible to injury during accidents and controls the forward motion of the body which helps a great deal in avoiding head injuries.

The seat belt combination is such that it protects the neck and head from injuries to a maximum extent, reducing the risks of brain damage and neck injuries during an accident.

What happens without a seat belt?

During a car crash, or a road accident, the force of the crash causes the driver to move sideways, or forward, provided he is not secured by a seat belt. This forward or sideways motion causes the head and neck regions, which are the most susceptible, to be hit by either the dashboard, or the windshield.  This causes the driver to sustain more serious, probably life-threatening injuries that may prove to be fatal, and which could have been more easily prevented, by wearing a seatbelt. Severe injuries means higher medical expenses not to mention physical suffering and even permanent disability in many cases.

Why should you wear a seat belt even for short distances and in slow traffic?

Accidents are unpredictable and they do not depend on the distance you travel or your speed. It is important to buckle up every time you drive. If you are hit by another car in slow moving traffic, the seat belt reduces the chances of your head getting hit against the windshield and dashboard. It also helps you to retain control during sudden stops.

The bottom line

Countries around the world have imposed strict laws ensuring the use of seat belts. Along with this, it is very important not to drink and drive. Wearing a seat belt has a lot of benefits, so you should consider making it your second nature, a life-long habit.

Photograph via sxc.hu

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