Bollywood Fashion Disasters You Must Avoid

The divas of Bollywood can never escape the fashion police. Whether it is about their wardrobe malfunction or even repeating the same dress in events, they are shown no mercy. We bring to you some fashion faux pas from Bollywood. Let us find out where our divas went wrong and learn what we need to avoid while choosing our style.

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Ekta Kapoor

The czarina of Indian television loves to show off her very apparent cleavage and we are not saying there is anything wrong in it. But, Ekta is unable to carry this strapless dress well and looks completely worn out. If you are well-endowed, you should look for an off-shoulder dress that will save your bosom from going all over the place.

Mallika Sherawat

Just like her fake American accent, Mallika Sherawat’s poor choice of this black strappy dress does the best it can- annoy us! If you want to turn those heads in the party, make sure you don’t bare it all. Leave something to the imagination too. The best bet would be the classic LBD. Buy one if you haven’t already!
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Kangana Ranaut

Usually Kangana manages to pull off anything she wears very well with her doll-like features and petite frame, but this is a total turn off. Why would she wear a yellow dress over an equally yellow bikini-top, and tie a yellow satin ribbon around her neck? The red clutch bag does little to save her from going wrong. If you are thinking of wearing a monotone dress, make sure you don’t kill the look by wearing the same colour twice over.

Rani Mukerji

It looks like Rani had nothing else to wear for her friend Karan Johar’s 40th birthday bash! Right from her make up to the outfit, the whole look feels wrong. The makeup does nothing to hide her under eye circles. The shiny, satin sequinned maxi dress only adds to her weight and the look is all worn-out. Everything here seems to have gone wrong. If you plan to pick a silver/grey satin dress, make sure it fits you right, and complete the look with some bright makeup and accessories.

Ameesha Patel

Somebody show Ameesha a mirror so that she doesn’t make this mistake again! Donning a black dress with skull print on her recently acquired washboard abs doesn’t make her look Goth-chic at all (as she seems to have thought!). And, why the garter stockings? If she thought her puppy face could help her escape us, she got it all wrong. Our tip- stay away from every bit you see in this pic!

Vidya Balan

With her permed hair, nails polished black and the chunky neckpiece that doesn’t go with the neckline of her outfit, this combination is a definite let down. Do we even need to talk about her dress that we can’t find a suitable name? This just shows exactly what you need to avoid when you decide to go for an ethnic Indian look.


Kajol is one actress who has disappointed us with her choice of clothes almost always. Like the look in this pic- although her smile is to die for, it kills us to see her going so wrong with the dress. The body-hugging blue dress accentuates her paunch and plump arms. And those chunky danglers…should we close our eyes? If you aren’t a proud owner of a toned, slim and fit body, why sport such look at all?

Sonakshi Sinha

With eyes like her, who wouldn’t fall in love? However, they are not enough to cast the spell, especially when she goes flaunting a dress like that! The black and gold ensemble dress doesn’t work for her heavy body type. The flashy gold patchwork hardly impresses us. Teaming black and gold can be super classic and elegant, provided you keep it subtle. An all-golden makeup and accessories are a definite no-no here.


The saree, with its heavily embroidered border, looks stunning. But the blouse spoils the look completely. Sridevi, rather than wearing this neckline that appears to throttle her and steal the grace off the saree, should have picked a deeper neckline, with a sleeveless blouse. A contrasting colour would have worked even better. She goes wrong with the nude makeup too, which makes her look all tired and rushed. 

Kareena Kapoor

Seen at the Mumbai Airport, Kareena’s disastrous choice of clothes could not miss our eyes! Black jeggings with a pink t-shirt are still acceptable, but what is she hiding under the black scarf around her waist? She should not have tucked her t-shirt in if she was so uncomfortable. Choosing clothes for travel can be tricky, we agree; but wearing something as simple as a plain t-shirt and jeans or track pants is not that difficult, now is it?

Huma Qureshi

This is what happens when you try to go bolder than bold and end up making a disaster of yourself. The horizontal stripes on the see-through outfit make Huma look heavier than she is. The oddly-placed appliqués (on the shoulder and waist) spoil the whole look. Now why would you wear something like this when you know you have recently put on a lot of weight?
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Bipasha Basu

That chiselled body needs no introduction, but then nor does this avatar of hers. Right from the choice of the saree, to the bikini blouse and the neckpiece, she goes wrong a million times over. The saree reveals way too much. Had it been draped in a better way, she would have looked sensuous, but this one’s far from it. Stay away from attempts that appear desperate to grab eyes!

Most of us want to copy our favourite Bollywood divas. But while we are at it, we should also know what to avoid.

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