Body language – an unwritten script to unlock minds

Body language is the gestures, postures and facial expressions through which a person communicates.

Body language – an unwritten script to unlock mindsBody language – an unwritten script to unlock mindsWould it not be exciting if you could read and interpret body language allowing you an access to the mood and thoughts of the person in front of you?

If you could read and understand the body language of your spouse, boss or client, you might be able to persuade them or close a deal more effectively by doing things that are exactly in harmony with their thoughts and mood! Imagine having that kind of power of persuasion in your hands!

What is body language?

Body language means non-verbal signals what people use to communicate – like stance, gestures and facial expressions. Experts opine that non-verbal signals account for more than 60 per cent of our daily communication. These non-verbal communications – facial expressions to movement of our body convey more information about us than we can imagine!

So, how can body language help you understand people better? Read on to learn more


Imagine being able to accurately predict that state of mind/mood or thoughts of a person while shaking hands with him/her!

Here’s what a handshake can tell you:

  • A firm handshake with the palm pointing downwards always means that the person is confident.
  • A wilted handshake with the palm pointing upwards means that the person is either shy or nervous or tensed.
  • If the person’s palm comes in contact with your palm it means that the person is sincere and has nothing to hide.
  • An extended arm shows that a person is enthusiastic and confident.


  • Those who look at everything else but you while you are talking to them might be a sign of nervousness or distraction. It might also indicate submissiveness.
  • If the person looks at you with a side glance or obliquely, it could mean that he/she is distrustful or unconvinced.
  • Staring at the ground or looking down could mean they are upset or trying to hide something emotional.

Clenched fist

Clenching fists could imply aggressiveness or negativity. A person with clenched fist may be conveying frustration or anger. He might also be resisting your views or opinions and it may also be a sign of defensiveness.


  • A person with pursed lips may be indicating distaste, disapproval or distrust.
  • If the person is biting his/her lips it could mean worry or stress.
  • And a person with a covered mouth could be hiding a smile or smirk or an emotional reaction.

 Arms and legs

While evaluating body language, look out for these signs that the arms and legs may convey:

  • Crossed arms could mean that the person is not open to social influence. Though a lot of people may cross their arms, it could still mean that they are reserved or self-protective.
  • People who stand with their hands placed on their hips indicate that they are in control or it could also be a sign of aggressiveness.
  • Crossed leg could be an indication that the person is in need of privacy.
  • Fidgeting fingers and hands indicate that the person is impatient, bored or even angry.
  • Tapping of foot, shifting of weight or frequent movement of foot could mean that the person is nervous, excited, impatient or intimidated.


Reading the signals that people send out through their body language is an excellent social skill. While, some of us can read it almost instantly, there are some who are quite oblivious. So with a tad bit of attention you can read body language and with slightly more practice, it can become second nature!

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