Is it safe for pregnant women to wear high heels?

Well, I saw a photo of a pregnant (and fabulous) Lara Dutta attending Akshay Kumar's party. Scoring full points on the fashion scale, Lara easily gave stiff competition to her contemporaries such as Bipasha Basu, Genelia D'Souza and even style icon Sonam Kapoor. A typical blue bandage skirt from Hervé Léger teamed with a white blouse and nude Valentino pumps completed her look.

Lara Dutta and Mahesh BhupatiBut wait, am I only one freaking out looking at her high heels? Although the shoes are uber chic, am not too sure they are suitable for a mom-to-be.

Here's another example:
Have you ever worn a pair of knee-high, 5-inch platform boots? It's like operating two mechanical bulls with your feet. Reality star and celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe is a pro at it. She also happens to be pregnant. Is it a health risk to be rocking mega heels in your third trimester? (See photo here)

The Society of Chiropodists and Podiatrists issued a warning for all pregnant women to avoid the extra lift. Shoes with too much height put both mom and baby in danger. "High heels alter your posture, shorten your calf muscles and place increased pressure on your back and knees," podiatrist Lorraine Jones told the BBC. "In pregnancy this places extra pressure on your joints when they are already under strain—which can result in a host of foot, leg and back problems."

High heels also leave pregnant women for vulnerable to spills. Because your center of gravity changes with a baby bump, balancing on heels is a challenge after 25 weeks, even for stiletto veterans. Mariah Carey, Alicia Keys, and Lilly Allen all lost their footing while wearing high heels at appearances during their pregnancy.

I had to know more, so I did a little bit of research.

On, the views are varied:

Ob-Gyn Catherine Lynch says: Yes, but it may not be comfortable. And as you get further along in the pregnancy you'll probably want to go to a lower heel, because your center of gravity will be constantly changing and walking in heels will be harder to manage. Usually at about 25 weeks I recommend going to a lower heel, especially if you're having a lot of back pain.

Pediatrician Jennifer Shu says: Wearing high heels (even wide-based, clunky ones) is not a good idea during pregnancy. That's because your weight increases and your body shape and center of gravity change, making you walk differently (and less steadily). A fall during pregnancy could hurt you and possibly your baby, so think twice before adding height to your growing girth.

All your moms-to-be, are you wearing heels? What are the Gyanecs saying? Leave your comments in the comments box.

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