Monkeying around on the weekend

Bangalore’s current darling, Monkey Bar, is chic, delicious and affordable. Introducing India to the Gastropub, it brings together the best of two worlds – pub culture and a great dining experience.

At Monkey Bar they serve up some decadent food, great cocktails, and a funky ambience to bring in the weekend with friends. Chill over a cocktail that’s been flipped on its head, shoot some pool and explore the menu at leisure. Begin with some pickled beef and a plate of devilled fish, tease your palate with the delectable galouti killer and some sinfully caramelised ribs. And when you’re finally ready for the heavy lifting, order a burger. But be warned, it packs quite a punch.

To bring in the weekend celebration, Monkey Bar’s impish bartender showed us how to stir up their most popular cocktail, the Mangaa. Like the name suggests, it’s a mango-based drink, sliced and shaken with sweet lime and vodka, for a tangy, lip-smacking sweet and sour delight.

On that happy note, here’s to the weekend’s gastronomic adventures.

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