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Weekend edition: Fun with Fitness

This week’s edition of Healthy Living brings you a round-up of the latest in health news, lessons in diet & nutrition, and tips to improve your mental wellbeing.

For everyone out there who’s getting married, whose friends are getting married, or with weddings in the family - enjoy the wedding season!  Eat, drink, dance with abandon, and make merry! But remember to get back in shape after those wedding binges. Add those tips to these 5 easy steps to reduce your calorie intake, and you’ll be back to looking fit and fabulous in no time at all!

8 super nutrients for weight loss! Click to read more.8 super nutrients for weight loss! Click to read more.A new report by Diabetes UK shows that following a series of simple health steps could be key to avoiding the potentially life-threatening consequences of diabetes. The experts have highlighted 15 key checks, essential to staving off devastating consequences of this condition.  Share this with friends or family who are battling diabetes.

It’s easy to get caught up in the grind of things, with demands at work and chores at home requiring immediate attention, and you forget to take time out for yourself, to just focus on unwinding. But learning to manage stress is vital to mental health, and living a balanced life. Another cause for mental fatigue is lack of sleep. Remember not to scrimp on your hours of sleep.If you find yourself irritable, cranky and unable to concentrate, you could be suffering from signs of sleep deprivation. Pay attention to your state of mind; if you are unhappy, chances are your family, friends and colleagues are also being impacted by your unhappiness. We reached out to renowned life coach and nutritionist Ana Alexandre to find out 10 simple tips for a happier and healthier you!

So happy reading, and healthy living! Leaving you with this video of crazy and fun workouts that seem to be taking the fitness world by storm. From underwater spinning to pole dancing and face yoga, fitness just got to a whole new level of fun!



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