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Saina Nehwal and the Olympic regimen

Saina Nehwal has both eyes trained on the Olympic gold.

In a recent interview she revealed details of her strict training regimen and special diet, aimed at getting her to the goal.  Currently at fifth place on the global rankings, Saina has to be at cutting edge, physically, to meet the challenge of the formidable Top 10.

Her diet, aimed at improving speed and flexibility, is high on protein. It consists of grilled chicken, steamed food and salads, and absolutely no carbohydrates after 7.30 PM.  She has completely cut out rice and rotis, tanks up on the protein shakes, and resists the urge to snack on a burger.

Her admirable discipline is paying off; she lost five kilos in a month and a half! Although Saina felt weak in the initial couple of weeks of the diet, she says her body has adjusted to the exacting protein-rich diet. Lithe and fit, she keeps her mind trained to the goal, using it as motivation to stay the course. "The Olympics is always on my mind." she says, adding that, "For any badminton player, the holy grail is the Olympic gold."

Her training schedule is as rigorous. Putting in six hours a day under the watchful eye of her coach P Gopichand, Saina mixes it up between in-court and outdoor sessions. Working to add variety to her strokes and including weight-training to strengthen her legs, her coach is appreciative of Saina's dedication and willingness.

Well, there you have it folks — what it takes to be Olympic-fit. Regulated fitness and nutrition, accompanied by unwavering discipline. You've got our vote Saina, with fingers (and toes) crossed to wish you luck!



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