Who Knew?

Who knew? Presenting the exercise hormone

Exercise has a hormone. Who knew?

 This newly-discovered hormone may help in not only burning fat and turning it to energy, but may also help in staving off diabetes and other health issues associated with obesity and decreased metabolism.

This hormone, being called the PGC-1 alpha, is produced abundantly during and after exercise, says the study. This is primarily responsible for converting the unwanted white fat, stored as visceral fat around organs, into healthier brown fat that uses up oxygen and helps in burning calories.

The study lends credence to what health experts have said all along - that no amount of dieting (crash or long-term) can as a standalone measure keep weight off and contribute to a healthier life. This may be the factor that differentiates the chronic only-dieters from those who eat healthy as well as exercise regularly.  PGC1 may also be the missing link that explains why physically active people are not susceptible to lifestyle diseases like obesity and diabetes among others.

For more on how the exercise hormone actually works, read: Exercise hormone keeps us healthy


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