Who Knew?

Who Knew? The Broken Heart Syndrome

The next time you run into someone in your social or office circle who doesn't seem to want to come out of their doldrums, spare them a thought before you give them the tag of Sad Sack. Losing a loved one, a recent bereavement, a love affair that went south or being laid off can have a toll on one's emotional health so much so that their grief can actually lead to a heart attack, a recent study says.

Being called the Broken Heart Syndrome or BHS for short, some people have found to be chronically predisposed to wallowing. Even if they're otherwise in the pink of health, a sudden loss or disappointing outcome can have detrimental effects on their emotional health, more so in the first month of loss or grief.

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If there's someone you care about and they've gone through a heartbreak or a bereavement, remember to lend a hand or a shoulder. It could go a long way in helping them heal emotionally and get over their loss.

More on the study: Grief can cause a heart attack

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