Who Knew?

Who knew? 10 medical ‘facts’ that aren’t true

We live in an age where longstanding myths turn into insistent beliefs because of the various ways we have of proliferating wrong information. Come to think of it, we've been living in that age all along, haven't we?

Some of the most famous examples of parrot-a-lie-till-it-becomes-truth are in the health/body space. Like colouring your hair makes you grey faster. And PMS is not a medical condition, but a ticket of convenience that a woman can use at will. These urban legends slash hearsay become party conversation and pretty soon, you'll see them in lists of 'facts' that you just can't ignore.

So how do you separate the myths from the facts? We're here to tell you loud and clear - just because you hear a myth said more than twice does not make it fact. Here is the top ten list of medical 'facts' that are so far removed from the truth that they're right back to being myths. Some of them might shock you, some you may have suspected for a long time, but all of them are non-facts, backed by authentic sources and authorities.

Take a look.


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