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  • Winter is coming. And the chilly morning nip in the air makes it harder to get out of bed and put on those running shoes. So we decided to check out the indoor workout scene in the city, to stay toned beneath those layers of sweaters and mittens.

    Bangalore’s a1000yoga listed a Hot Yoga class on their website. Some quick Wiki research told me that Hot Yoga is usually a repetitive series of 26 postures (practiced in Bikram yoga), performed with the temperature turned up to 40°C. The high temperature and humidity settings are meant to replicate the natural weather conditions in India, for classes practiced in the West. Warmer muscles make for more flexible bodies, I was informed. I was ready to find out. I mapped the location on Google maps, then hopped into an auto rickshaw, yoga mat in hand.

    Their Koramangala yoga studio is on the first floor. Big windows flood the waiting room with sunlight, an inviting bookshelf gets you in the mood for some serious yoga philosophy, and the atmosphere

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  • An aspect which I discover in my study of the balance of the Indian diet, which most people have forgotten is the importance of good fat. And the sad part is people just believe that it’s the fat in food that makes you unhealthy and obese and they shun good quality fat and continue gobbling up a hand full of chips or a fried jalebi which is only a nutrient robber, a disease-creator. 50 gms of any fried sweet or savory would be a minimum 500 calorie. But we keep eating them daily or occasionally and if you are asked to munch on nuts which could be 150 to 200 calories maximum, nutrient rich food good for the heart, loaded with antioxidants disease-preventing wonder food, I  remember my  fathers  words  on  how  we  snack  on  junk  dead  food  and  how  his  mother  use to  give  him  a  handful  of  nuts  to  snack  on. Our grand mother had naturally healthy skin. What was the secret behind it? They did not snack on junk food. They snacked on healthy nuts.

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  • Maria Kang, mother of 3, is trim, fit and gorgeous. Her fantastic body didn't come easy, though. She works out for an hour everyday, combining strength training and cardio to achieve those enviable abs. Her recent post on Facebook, a photograph with her three squish-worthy babies, and her super-toned body, captioned 'What's your Excuse?' gained her a lot of negative attention across the internet. She has been accused of fat-shaming and bullying overweight mothers who struggle with their weight and juggle heavy schedules that don't allow them the time to work out.

    Closer home, Ash and her post-pregnancy baby weight made headlines for the longest time. Ash maintained that she was in no hurry to lose the weight and handled critical headlines with calm composure. (Good for you, Ash!)

    We at Yahoo support healthy lifestyles and fitness all the way. But we also understand how demanding a new mother's life can be. Listening to your body's needs always come first. And if you need to slow it

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  • “Jaisa Aahar vaisa vichar” is a deeply engrained Indian Philosophy. Leaders like Mahatma Gandhi, Abraham Lincoln and Nelson Mandela reemphasized this in the life they lead and the food they chose to eat. They believed your own food patterns engineer your core personalities.

    We have all read time and again “You are what you eat”. I have seen live examples of this transformation in my clients and myself day by day as we moved towards brilliant foods that is good for us. Elevated moods more focused calmer personality better immunity weight loss superior health parameters and more vigour.

    I finally understood the relevance of the words often used in Indian scriptures ‘Sattvik’, ‘Rajasic’ and ‘Tamasic’ that are floating somewhere in the background of our minds. We have forgotten them, or believe that they have little consequence in our lives today. I made up my mind to study the Ancient Indian wisdom of food that is more than 5000years old insight on understanding of food and its effects on

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  • Angelina Jolie. Photo: Getty ImagesAngelina Jolie sharing news of her preventative mastectomy in May has led, without a doubt, to raised awareness of genetic testing and breast-cancer risks. But experts worry that its storm of media coverage has had an unintended effect, too.

    “I think, oftentimes, those stories oversimplify the matter,” Rebecca Nagy, president of the National Society of Genetic Counselors, told Yahoo Shine. For example, she said, women who learn of Jolie’s story might rush in for genetic testing even though they are not at risk—while others, fearing that a mastectomy would be the only option if they should test positive for genetic mutations, might become frightened, and avoid it at all costs.

    Nagy spoke with Yahoo Shine about who should and who should not get tested for the gene mutations in question, and why. She also took us through the various decisions that a woman will face throughout the process. 

    First, let’s get straight what the test is: It’s a genetic analysis, taken through a blood, spit or

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  • What is your pee trying to tell you?What is your pee trying to tell you?You know that you've had your share of water/beer/coffee by the frequency in which you need to use the bathroom, but what else can pee tell you about your health and habits? A lot, it turns out. We asked R. Mark Ellerkmann, M.D., director for the Center of Urogynecology at the Weinberg Center for Women's Health and Medicine in Baltimore, MD, for some of the specific health and lifestyle issues your urine's odor, color, and frequency can indicate.

    1. You're Pregnant.

    The reason you have to pee on a stick after your first missed period is that shortly after conception (when a fertilized egg implants into the lining of the uterus), the fetus begins to secrete the hormone human chorionic gonadotropin, or hCG, which is what is detected by home pregnancy tests, Dr. Ellerkmann says. Some women also notice a strong, pungent odor early on, even before they're aware they're pregnant.

    Once you've got a baby on board, running to the bathroom constantly is just one of the pesky parts of pregnancy,

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  • Why does your head hurt?Why does your head hurt?Pounding, throbbing, stabbing, aching - welcome to the world of headaches, an ailment that affects more than 45 million Americans each year.

    Humans have been suffering from the malady for millennia. Recorded depictions date back to at least 4000 B.C. in Mesopotamia, where it was thought that Tiu, the evil spirit of headaches, was to blame. The shenanigans of evil spirits were assumed to be the cause of headaches throughout many cultures, and gave rise to trephination - a procedure in which a small circular portion of the skull was removed, creating egress for the pain-triggering spirits.

    Given how agonizing a headache can be, rowdy evil spirits wreaking havoc doesn't seem all that much of a stretch. Fortunately we know better now, and in most cultures no longer rely on holes drilled in the head for relief. But if not evil sprits, what does cause the pain?

    There are many catalysts that can create the ache, and medical literature has complied a lengthy compendium of causes. Culled

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  • Save the Doctor

    In India, 40,000 medical students graduate every year. However, in order to gain specialization before employment, they must compete for a mere 12,000 available post-graduate seats. This means that instead of going out into the field and meeting the huge dearth of healthcare professionals required in the country, a large chunk of graduates stay at home for a year or more to meet the stiff competition at entrance exams. They are unable to earn or provide desperately-needed medical services in the country, and depend on their parents to sustain them through their period of unemployment. A substantial proportion of these students also move out of the country to obtain specialization, contributing to the 'brain drain' of medical resources in India.

    "Since huge numbers of doctors are studying at home, there is severe shortage of specialists in India. No other course takes so long to establish which includes studies, training plus waiting time. So the only solution is to increase the PG Read More »from Save the Doctor
  • Photo: ThinkstockBy Oprah.com

    The Routine That Makes You Appreciate Your Favorite Sitcom Even More
    You can use a character's predictability to remind you to keep you moving--sort of like a college drinking game, but with squats instead of shots. Love New Girl? Try this circuit workout from Mike Donavanik, a Los Angeles-based personal trainer and the creator of the Extreme Burn DVD series. Every time Schmidt says something offensively lame, use that as a cue to do one exercise for one minute. Donavanik recommends alternating upper and lower body moves: Start with push-ups, then squats, then tricep dips, then lunges. Finish with crunches. Keep cycling through these five exercises for the entire 30-minute show.

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    Strengthen Your Arms Without Ever Leaving the Couch
    Tricep dips tone the muscles on the backside of your upper arms, Donavanik says, and the only piece of equipment you need is a sturdy piece of furniture. Position your hands on the

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  • In a new and radical form of treatment, doctors  gave a six-year-old girl dying of leukemia, a form of the HIV/AIDS virus to help her body fight the cancer cells.

    Fire with Fire

    When all conventional forms of treatment were exhausted, Emma Whitehead, 6, was entered into a clinical trial where she was injected with a disabled form of the HIV virus to reprogram her immune system and genetically kill cancer cells.

    The result, as seen in the video, exceeded all expectations. Emma is now in remission and her progress is being tracked everyday.

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