What Wear How: Inspired by Kids

Welcome to a brand new series on Yahoo India Lifestyle, called WHAT WEAR HOW. In this series, fashion bloggers Urmi and Hemal take you through a journey of stylish dressing and how you can incorporate the latest trends in your wardrobe.


Inspired By Kids - Now it is so easy to go back and relive your childhood

Every one of us wants to go back to our childhood and be that innocent and naughty little kids that we were. To take a break from this stressful world, it is healthy to act like kids sometimes. We are sporting outfits inspired by kids; cute bowties, poppy colors, Disney characters etc still fascinate us.


Hemal's kiddie inspired look

Hemal is wearing baby blue polka dotted shorts with a layered jumper over a white shirt. She's wearing this fun bloated bow tie to bring out the kid in her. She's always been a tomboy as a child and has chosen this look. Isn't it adorable? You could even wear the bloated bow tie as an accessory to add some cuteness and quirk to your daily looks.


Urmi's kiddie inspired look

Urmi on the other hand has been always girly and preppy and has opted for this uniform pleated skirt in a bright pink color with a toon-faced t-shirt. We love the way the skirt gives a prom-ish feel but is not too dressy at the same time. Don't be afraid to carry this look for casual outings.

Just dive into your kiddy attires forgetting your age. It's all about dressing up in right proportions and about how you carry things.

If you need help in deciding what will look just right for your body type or even just finding the right balance of what to wear and how make sure you connect with us, or simply leave your comments in the space below.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Join us next week, Wednesday 3 pm, for another stylish episode of What Wear How, right here on Yahoo India Lifestyle.

To watch all the episodes of WHAT WEAR HOW, click here.

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Writer: Neelam Sampat
Produced by: Yahoo Studios
Wardrobe Courtesy: The Source, Marks & Spencer
Location courtesy: Hamleys

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