Vikas@Home: Coconut Chocolate Sweet

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Diwali may have come and gone, but the festive spirit continues on Vikas @ Home, as we begin our 52-week journey with a delicious dish that was created keeping Diwali in mind.

So don't fret that Diwali is over, rather, make and enjoy this recipe at home, as you reminisce fond memories of your childhood during the festivals.

Photo by Michael Swamy


1 tablespoon clarified butter (ghee) & as required for greasing

2 cups freshly grated coconut

1/2 cup sugar

3 tablespoons whole milk

200 grams dark chocolate

1/4 cup cream

1 teaspoons cardamom powder

2 tablespoons hazelnuts, lightly roasted and sliced


1 pie dish with removable base


1. Heat a kadhai over low flame.

2. Add coconut to the kadhai with clarified butter and stir to mix. Sauté the coconut in the clarified butter, stirring constantly for 3 to 4 minutes.

3. Mix in sugar and milk and continue cooking, stirring constantly till sugar dissolves and mixture begins to come together.

4. Meanwhile, combine chocolate with cream in a bowl and place on a double boiler.

5. As the coconut mixture begins to colour very slightly, crush cardamom seeds in a mortar pestle and add to the coconut mixture. Mix well.

6. Liberally grease a pie dish with clarified butter or oil spray. As the chocolate begins to melt, stir it into the cream to make ganache.

7. Spoon the coconut mixture into the greased pie dish and spread evenly. Press the coconut mixture down very well. Pour the ganache over the coconut mixture and spread evenly.

8. Sprinkle over liberally with toasted hazelnut slivers and refrigerate for at least 3 hours to allow coconut and ganache to set.

9. Demould, cut into pieces and serve.

Don't go anywhere just yet. Take a look at why Chef Vikas Khanna chose this recipe for this series in a snippet we call, Beyond The Recipe. Click on the video to watch.

Make this dish at home and let us know how it turned out. Do keep in touch with us by sending in your comments/feedback in the comments space below. See you next week!

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