What must you do before doomsday?

Is the world ending?It's already the beginning of December and some say, the Mayan calendar has predicted the end of the world on Dec 21, 2012. My favourite question to my friends these days is what is the one thing they would want to do if they knew for certain that the world would end in the next few days? The answers I have got range from a trip to Machu Pichu with their soul mate to a sky-diving expedition in Spain to an affair with an ex-lover.

I wondered then, why is it easier for us to spell out our inner-most almost impossible desires only when we knew that time is running out. Why don't we make the best of every day even when there's no mythical doomsday looming large?

For most of us life simply seems to be passing us by through a routine of mundane affairs. There always seems to be enough time to mend a broken relationship, to show people you care, to make friendships count, to overcome grief, to forgive, to let go…till you realize there is not. Even the Buddha had said, "The trouble is, you think you have time."

Think about it, what is the one thing you must do, why are you holding on, and what are you waiting for? There is no right time and things will never be perfect. Too much time is spent hoping that life will create opportunities for us, that one fine day we will wake up to find that there are numerous options to fulfill an impossible dream. We compromise on our happiness every day and hope that someday it will all fall into place.

There might not be any truth in the Mayans prediction but if there's something you must do, I suggest you go ahead and do it anyway. Chances are you will not regret it, like they say, in life we usually regret the things that we haven't done more than the things we have. Life is too short, even if the world doesn't end, this is another year gone by. Let it not be a year where you have a list of things that you haven't done, instead let it be one in which you have given your best to the things that matter, a year where you have tried to be the happiest you can be. It's your life, make it count!

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