What's so sexy about women!

What makes a woman sexy?
Earlier this month, on a lazy Sunday afternoon, after a heavy brunch, I was flipping through the pages of a famous fashion magazine. The topic that caught my attention was 'sex appeal'.  What is it in women that men find sexy?

It was a fashion magazine, mind you, and what more can you expect but wearing short clothes, taking care of your skin, hair, wearing the right lingerie and the list is simply endless. Lets face facts! In our image obsessed modern culture an hour -shaped figure, nice legs, a good bottom, or perhaps attractive eyes  or a nice smile is what is termed sexy.
But what got me thinking was, do men still go for big boobs, short clothes and hot legs or have they started looking beyond looks? I was curious!

The topic being women centric, I felt I must first throw the question open to the opposite sex. Here's what the MEN have to say:

1.    Physical appearance is definitely a huge consideration for men. I agree men do give a second glance at a good looking girl, but, that doesn't mean we count only on that. Good looks teamed with confidence is what makes her truly sexy. Every woman must know to stand up for herself and have the confidence to point out wrong as wrong, says Arun, a businessman.
2.    Beauty with brains, that's my answer. To me, there's nothing more appealing than an assertive, intelligent woman. I find no point in dating or marrying a woman, who would religiously visit the parlor, look her best 24/7 and yet lack that one aspect I would adore — Street smart, says Nilesh, a corporate professional.
3.    It's the inner strength that matters. By nature, women are blessed with more physical and mental strength than men. Apart from good looks, there is an inner power which every man secretly adores in his lady love, admits Aadithya, software professional.
4.     A woman who's engaging, stands tall, smiles and laughs and makes eye contact while she interacts is the one I would call sexy, explains Guru, a business analyst.
5.    It isn't being fearless that's sexy. It's the guts she has to set aside the fear and move forward. That woman to me is truly sexy! She might for sure suffer failures, but she can be sure to have men running behind her, just for the reason that she's gutsy!
6.    A woman's character describes what she is! This is what will, in the long run help her choose the way of life she would like to lead, and if this transforms her to a confident, independent and level-headed individual, then that's what I would call 'sexy' ,says Shiva, a media professional.
7.    It's subjective. Character of course is the key, but i also think sexy is how we carry ourselves; the way we talk, smile, express our thoughts and so on. It's a complete package, a combination of traits and beauty, adds Satish, a college student.

At the end of my poll, you may see that in some form or fashion, confidence is a major trait men adored about women. But, if men defined sexiness through character (as they say), then what about love at first sight? In this case looks (sexiness) dominate the character right? So, are men being honest?

Now that we know what men feel, it's your turn LADIES! What do you have to say? Do you agree with the opposite sex? Leave your comments below!


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