• How to know if he thinks you're the one.

    By Frank Kobola

    1. He gives you a big, goofy look like he just won the lottery. He might look like an idiot, but that look means he just fell in love with you even more. He even gives it to you when you're on the couch in your sweatpants eating Doritos.

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    2. He's told you things he's never told anyone. Maybe they're mind-blowingly life changing secrets, or maybe they're just little details or insecurities he has. Either way, he feels comfortable talking to you.

    3. Sometimes he just has to kiss you. You might be looking the other way and he just kisses your ponytail, but he couldn't help it.

    4. He tries to befriend your family. He goes golfing with your dad. That is hell for some people and yet he willingly puts himself in that position.

    5. He always wants you to be a part of whatever he's doing. Even during guy's night he texts you a photo of Mike's cute dog because he knows you'll love it. Or Mike's stupid new facial hair because

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  • How to Destroy Your Marriage in 8 Easy StepsHow to Destroy Your Marriage in 8 Easy StepsMarriage counselors will tell you how to keep your marriage together. If you want to know what destroys a marriage, the experts you want to consult do not necessarily have psychology degrees. Rather, they went to law school.

    Divorce lawyers see relationships at the bitter end. They see couples at their worst. So it makes sense to me that they must have a clear sense of what not to do if you want to keep your relationship happy. I asked family lawyer Lisa Helfend Meyer, who happens to also be a happily married parent of a special needs child, if she'd be willing to share what, in her opinion, are the top eight things that land couples in divorce court. This is what she told me.

    Destroy Your Marriage Tip #1:
    Be secretive. Pretend you're both in the CIA.

    "It's so easy these days to avoid a real conversation with your partner," says Meyer. After all, after a long day of work and diapers and traffic, sometimes the last thing you want is to actually talk with your mouth. Leaving cute

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  • 7 Ways to Know You Belong Together

    By Brie Schwartz, REDBOOK.

    My husband and I disagree on a lot of things: I find Game of Thrones too gory, believe pink should be incorporated into every design scheme, and then there's the real stuff, like the fact that we were brought up practicing different religions, and that we'll have to figure out how to raise our kids. But even with our issues, I know we're meant for each other. How, you ask?

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    1. I tell him I don't need him and he ignores me.

    There have been countless occasions when I've assured my husband I could handle situations without any of his help--ranging from minor things, like pulling heavy dishes out of the oven (I'm a tad accident-prone) to the bigger events, like visiting my mom in the hospital when she took three too many painkillers. Sure, I would have been fine on my own, but knowing that I had his support, whether I thought I needed it or not, made all the difference. In a solid relationship, you

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  • 10 Things He'll Never Forget You Said

    These seemingly innocent phrases still have the power to wound… big-time. By Anna, Davies, REDBOOK.

    1. "Did I ever tell you about the time X and I skinny-dipped?"

    "She didn't, but now that's all I can think about," says Charles S., 42. "I've never skinny-dipped with her, and she's my wife! I wonder what other wild things she and her ex got up to that I've never heard about." While you may intend to innocently share stories about your crazy single days, your guy hears this and assumes you're still hung up on your ex. You don't have to edit your stories for his ears, but add how much more fun it would be to go skinny-dipping with him so he knows that he's the only one you want.

    2. Do you know how many gray hairs you have?

    "My wife said this to me on my 40th birthday!" says Mike S., 41. "I know she was just kidding, but more than a year later, I still think about it every time I look in the mirror. I thought I looked good." Gentle ribbing is part of marriage, but it's

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  • Xiang Junfeng
    Like many brides, Xiang Junfeng describes her wedding day as the happiest day of her life. "I never wanted it to end," she told the Daily Mail. And so it didn't - at least when it comes to her wardrobe. "I decided I wanted to not only keep wearing my dress, but actually bought four other wedding dresses as well."

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    Junfeng's wedding day was especially meaningful because it wasn't just a celebration of love - it was a celebration of her freedom. Originally from Jimo, China, she was kidnapped at the age of 18, sold as a slave, and forced to marry an elderly man in Linyi. It took 15 years until she could escape to Liujiazhuang village, where she was helped by a local woman. When she later met the woman's brother, the two immediately hit it off. "I had only ever known a violent and abusive man, and I avoided men until I met my new partner, who brought me truly out of my shell and treated me so differently…I couldn't believe it when he asked

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  • The animal kingdom is full of intelligent, strategic and empathetic animals. From Killer Whales and Dolphins, to Chimpanzees and Elephants, we have heard, and sometimes seen, how their complex minds function, whether it be in matters of problem-solving or strategising to get food.

    But do not underestimate the bird kingdom. If you remember that Aesop's Fable about the crow and the pitcher, you will know exactly what we mean.

    However, how can we determine how smart the bird actually is? This video will show you, and surprise you how intelligent this bird really is. This brings us to the question of the hour, are crows the most brilliant of birds?

    Dr Alex Taylor is a specialist who studies wild birds for a period of three months before releasing them in the wild. He set up this complex 8-level task for a crow. Of course the crow is familiar with each of the tasks separately, but has never approached all of them at the same time, in sequence. This is the first test of it's kind.

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  • In Pharell Williams' superhit 2013 song 'Happy' (Youtube grab above), the lyrics are simple:

    It might seem crazy what I'm about to say,
    Sunshine she's here you can take a break
    I'm a hot air balloon that could go to space
    With the air, like I don't care, baby, by the way,

    Because I'm happy...

    This song was such a big hit that The United Nations Foundation collaborated with Pharell Williams to bring the whole world together on International Day of Happiness in a unique way. (#happyday) was launched to bring together many countries and cities such as Sydney, Kuwait, Hong Kong, Madagascar, Kenya, Dubai, where regular people danced to the 'Happy' tune. In the process, people could also do a good deed by donating to the Central Emergency Response Fund, a UN venture that supports critical aid operations for people affected by natural disasters and armed conflicts.

    The following video is India's contribution to Sony Music India released the India version

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  • POPSUGAR FitnessSource: 21 Unexpected Beauty Uses For Coconut Oil

    There are very few beauty products that we can honestly say are cure-alls, but coconut oil comes pretty close. You can use it for everything from healing scars to moisturizing dry knees. Recently, all the talk about relying on this oil for fresh breath got us thinking: what can't coconut oil do? The answer: mattify (and it took us a minute to come up with that one). Celebrities like Emma Stone count it among their favorite natural ingredients, and you should, too. We just stuck to the beauty applications here, but there are tons more tasks it can handle, from starting fires to losing a few pounds. So head to your local health food store, pick up a jar, and allow this list to help you get creative with coconuts.

    • Makeup Remover: Even the most resistant waterproof mascara doesn't stand a chance against coconut oil. Apply it directly to the face as an oil cleanser or let it sit on your skin with a cotton pad. Makeup will melt away.
    • Breath
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  • Seven subtle clues a guy has a case of commitment phobia.

    By Niki Evans

    The tricky thing about womanizers is that they usually have their game down pat, which mean it's easy to get sucked in. They seem totally sweet and charming on the surface - who'd ever guess they were secretly scoundrels? So to help you sharpen your radar, we narrowed down the more subtle clues a guy has a case of commitment phobia. If he exhibits three or more of these, watch out.

    1. All of His Exes Are "Crazy"

    Be wary of a man who refers to his former girlfriends as crazy, psycho, or clingy - because what's the common denominator here? Him. The dude's either looney-bin glue, or he never really wanted the relationship to work in the first place.

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    2. He Plans Ultra-Romantic Dates

    A cozy candlelit dinner is nice and all, but if he only takes you to secluded places, it could be a tip-off that he doesn't want other women to spot him on a date. Next time he asks you out, suggest hitting up a busy restaurant or popular bar

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  • There are many takeaways from this 7-minute short, called 'Gift', by filmmaker Daniel Yam.

    My favourite takeaway is this:

    This boy asked his father -- Papa, why aren't we rich?

    His father answers -- Being rich is not about how much you have, it is about how much you give.

    This story is about a boy who is frustrated with his father's seemingly unambitious nature. Desperate to do better in life, he goes abroad, only to find his father's secret years later.

    It is difficult, at times, to see the big picture, especially when it involves parents. The world is a competitive place, and everyone needs to keep up or get eliminated.

    But films like this are a reminder that the bigger things in life do not involve wealth and riches and are, yet, far more precious.

    Find your true wealth today.

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