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The biggest fashion crime most women commit is they neglect their feet. You may be dressed in a designer wear but unless and until you are wearing the right shoes, you won't have the desired effect. If you are among the tons of women who are confused about which shoe goes with what dress, you have come to the right place as Kapil Mahtani, CEO of Tresmode tells you how to put your best foot forward with what you are wearing.

Stilettos: The ultimate in oomph factor, these will never go out of style. Stilettos go great with sleek clothes, pencil skirts or slim trousers. The high heels will do justice in bringing out the curves of the body and thus preferred on an evening dresses too.

Flats: They will never be out of fashion. They are perfect for the holiday season to lounge in and they go well with swimsuits and cover ups, summer dresses and shorts. They also look casual but chic when teamed with jeans!

Wedges: Summer dresses go well with wedges especially whites. Even shorts look great when paired with wedges. This summer's stylish slimming boot cut jeans are a sure favorite with wedges, or step out in style with this summer's newest trendy gauchos.

Sandals- Sandals will never go wrong as they add a cool elegance to any casual look. They go perfect with skinny jeans, short skirts as well as this summer's newest cuffed, cropped pants. Add a touch of romance with a triple-tired peasant dress or a flowing ankle length skirt.

Pair shoes: Wearing the right pair is important as it completes a look. If you choose to wear kitten heels or even wedges with a business suit, then it will look flat and odd.  A person should avoid wearing block heels or platforms on trousers. The best footwear to be worn on trousers is pumps. It compliments the formal look by giving it a feminine and uber chic look.

Create illusion: High heels elongate your legs but I would suggest for shorter ladies avoid wearing wedges with jeans unless they are flare jeans/trousers.

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What's hot: Block bright colours, clogs are in while gladiators, kitten heels are passé.

Shoe care: During the monsoon, leather footwear tends to grow molds (fungus) and in order to avoid this it is essential to store the shoes in a place with low humidity. A packet of silica gel maybe put into the shoe to reduce the chances of molds.
In case your shoes get wet in the rain, allow them to dry properly before keeping them in the shoe rack. It is essential to maintaining the life of the shoes.

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