Neil Nitin Mukesh’s style mantra

Nitin Nitin Mukesh surely knows how to dress. One of the
most well dressed actors in Bollywood defines his style as simple, smart and
stylish. For him, it is essental that the clothes should feel like his second

"Clothes shouldn't intimidate you as they have to make you comfortable.
Even if it is just underwear over your blue pants, you should be able to carry
them off and feel like superman," he laughs. When asked if he is brand
conscious, Neil is quick to add, "I am not brand conscious. I wear whatever
looks good on me and I can carry it off coolly."

So what are the fashion mistakes guys make on their first dates? "The most
common fashion crime is wearing glares at night. The first advice will be to
drop off the glasses. It's a strict no-no and the girl will label you as
wannabe if you insist on wearing them on evening dates," he says.

Another common fashion faux pass is brands will not always get you dates.
"Don't run after designer clothes so much that you start resembling a
departmental store. Your date will think you are a show-off. Just because you
think Armaani is cool, you don't have to wear everything with Armaani written
on it. You don't have to showcase your entire collection on your first date.
Just wear one accessory which will stand out," advises Neil.

Here is what is has to say about his style tips...

I am brand conscious…only when it comes to accessories. For example, I
need a decent pair of glares, since my eyes will be affected if I don't use a
proper one. I need a good pair of watch too as I work round the clock.

One lifesaver in my wardrobe is…an old pair of jeans. Right now, they
are so torn that I should probably throw them away. But whenever I wear them, I
get compliments and people ask me where I bought them from. When I tell them it
is not for style but comfort, they refuse to believe me.

Fashion icons I admire… I think the Brad Pitt is the most fashionable
person. I like Johnny Depp's quirky dressing sense as I also have a quirky
fashion sense. I grew up admiring the various James Bonds.

I like dressing for the occasion… If it's a wedding, you won't catch me
in jeans or casuals. I will make sure that I wear something traditional. If it
is a sit-down dinner, I will wear my favourite tuxedo.

My favourite shopping spot…is in New
York. Ideally I like shopping at Top Man and River Island.
In Mumbai, most of the malls stock good branded stuff.

Five must haves : Well ironed shirts (One black and
another white)

:  Well pressed suit

:  Good denims (they are

:  branded watches

: Good perfume

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